Wow… 4 Months Of Silence

It’s amazing how weeks and months can slip by without so much as a post or replying to a comment.  I thought I was busier than I actually was I guess.

I just returned from an 8-day trip to Washington, DC. It had been 34 years since I was there last.  I was a chaperone on a Junior Class trip at my daughter’s school. Without going into all of the details and personal insights (which would bore you beyond belief), there is one thing I did find out – I can work a lot less than I already am and enjoy life.

The past 4 months I have been working to try and build my business.  It has been a tough 4 months as I have tried to build up a new area of business, while trying to maintain the  business that I have owned for the last several years.  It has been quite a challenge, and at times it has been very stressful.  This last week I would get back to my hotel room and work for about 2-3 hours each evening.  I found that business went well and that I could probably begin slowing down from these 10-12 hour work days.

It is pretty arrogant to believe that working 12 hours a day will bring you to your goal faster.  I am now convinced that I can reduce that to 6 – 8 hours and enjoy life more, and actually be more productive during that time.  From there, if I follow what I have been learning about outsourcing more of my work, I can reduce that further and increase my business at the same time.

Running a customer service related business requires a lot of time.  The goal is to begin to shift to less of this and outsourcing much of the work that needs to be done.  One of the greatest businesses that still remains is building a Google Adsense business.  It is much harder than most people realize.

It is like the leads business.  Many people are told to buy a list of leads, give the leads a call or send them an email, and some will join your business.  If that is what you have been told, you have cruel and poorly informed upline members in your company. Using leads to build your business is hard work and requires time and training to become an expert, and even then it is still hard work.

Growing an affiliate business and using Google Adsense as one of your main sources of revenue requires you to put up thousands of web pages, whether from a few sites or many different sites.  In order to get the clicks on your ads on a consistent, daily basis, it requires a commitment to putting up thousands of quality pages on your sites.  But, it doesn’t stop there.  You must also write hundreds, if not thousands of articles to submit to article directories, writing hundreds and thousands of blog posts to the many different pages you have on your sites to provide the backlinks to them.

Primarily, running an affiliate business is a commitment to write, to publish, and to promote.  However, it is much like the steam locomotive.  It takes a while to get the momentum built up, but once it is running, it can provide a fabulous residual income.

With all of that said, I still believe that having your own business is worth the price.  In the end, I will have spent the time building up my own experience and my own asset instead of building up someone else’s dream.  Never believe that working from home or having your own business is easy.  It is hard work, but the reward and price you pay are worth it many times over.

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