Why Run?

Why Run? Why is that a good goal to have?

In my last post a few days ago, I mentioned that my one goal for the next 90 days was to run a 5K in under 30 minutes.

Let me give you 10 reasons why I believe running is the ultimate goal, above all other goals.

taskFirst, you have to apply discipline. You have to wake up 45-60 minutes earlier, which means you need to get to bed on time.

Some people run at night, but especially in the warmer months in the Dallas, Texas area, the best air of the day will be between 6-9 am. I also believe that running at the beginning of the day clears your mind for the day ahead.

Second, it reduces stress. I’m not going into all the health reasons. My half-semester of being a pre-med major back in 1983 does not qualify me. I just know that the exercise and pushing myself relieves the stress.

Third, it increases my energy. Instead of my butt dragging all throughout the day, I find that I get more done in less time because my energy level is increasing.

This benefits many things. I work better. I play better. I’m just more alert throughout the day.

Fourth, I sleep better. It all starts to work together. Less stress, clearer mind, physical workout – it all contributes to me sleeping better.

Then, sleeping better gives me more energy, less stress, etc. etc. etc. It all goes around.

Fifth, I lose weight. This isn’t necessarily because I’m burning calories and increasing metabolism. That doesn’t seem to work for me. The older I get, exercise doesn’t really lead to weight loss, but eating less and eating better does.

Because I run, it helps me think throughout the day that I should not eat the 5th slice of pizza or I should have a bottle of water instead of another bottle of Coke. It helps me think that this banana is a better choice than those 5 Oreos, or more veggies with my meal will help sustain me longer than a quick carbohydrate.

Essentially, running causes me to think – “If I eat that – I’m gonna have to run with that tomorrow morning.”

I also know that my knees, ankles, and joints will appreciate a few less pounds as I run. Running helps with smarter choices.

Sixth, my spiritual life improves. I pray as I run. I quote scripture as I run (namely scriptures with run, race, fight in them).

I ultimately have more time to read my Bible and pray because I schedule my time better.

onemoremileSeventh, my work improves. This all begins to feed off each other. More discipline. More energy. Better schedule. Less stress. Able to work with customers better, etc.

A quick example is that I begin making “To Do” lists for my daily work. I accomplish tasks. Before running, I just seem to kind of wander.

Eighth, I have more energy and time for my family. Nothing sucks worse than not being able to physically participate in something with your kids.

In the last month, I was not able to ride some rides at Six Flags with my son because my stomach was too big for the harness to come down. That’s embarrassing and humiliating. I hate to not be there for my kids.

Ninth, I just plain feel better. When clothes fit and feel better, it gives you a step up throughout the day. It feels good to wear a shirt or pants that have hung in the closet, unworn in many, many months because they didn’t’ fit.

Tenth, I love to compete.  There aren’t many sports and activities that are available for a 49-year old these days – especially year around. In running you are primarily competing against yourself. You can find running clubs, but I enjoy the solitude of running by myself.

I love race days. I love running with total strangers. I love beating a previous personal-best time. I love finding someone in the final mile that is ahead of me to try and catch and pass. I love it all.

So, why run?

I think it is the ultimate goal that makes me better at all other aspects of my life. Not too many other goals can do that for you.

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