Why I ❤ Texas!

There’s lots to love about Texas. All other states… well… they’re just states. I’ve been to most other states. While they may have a couple of nice things, it’s quite evident that their is little state pride and character. People just exist. In Texas, we live!

Enjoy a few photos of what it could be like.

Texas Sonic

Texas Food Pryamid

Texas Snow

We love our Dr. Pepper

Texas Hurricane

Whataburger – the best breakfast in all the land

What Texas Thinks of Your Gun Ban

Peecans or Pecans?

Build a Texas Snowman

More Texas Weather

Good Ole Texas Sweet Tea

There ain’t nothin’ more Texas than a #1 meal from Whataburger!

Don’t Mess With Texas!

One of my personal favorites

And it doesn’t get much prettier than Texas fields covered in bluebonnets in the spring.

And oh yah… we have no state tax, our governors are not in prison, and our school system is thriving.

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