I Need Some Help!

Let me qualify that.

I need some help in planning a vacation for my family this summer.  I have the late winter blues right now, when you get tired of the bare trees, no flowers, wet weather, long sleeves, and the lack of holiday time.

rtexterior432×324.jpgAnyway, I have choices to make for this summer.  I have been saving for awhile, and want to do something for my family this summer.  I could use your feedback by leaving comments below (you got to click on the blue “comment” link below).  Here are the choices I have so far:

  1. Disney World in Florida
  2. Atlantis Reort in the Bahamas
  3. Some other trip (i.e. Yellowstone, California, Texas Ranch, etc.)

We’ve been to Disney 3 times, and love it!  I could go over and over and never get tired of it.  Atlantis could be something really cool and different, and even a bit of an adventure.  Going somewhere else is always an option.  The choices are endless. 

For the first part of my marriage, we really couldn’t afford vacations.  Vacations consisted of traveling to see family or taking a short trip related to the church we were working with.  Nothing really on our own.  But, ever since we started taking vacations, it has become such a priority.  Our kids still talk about vacations they took 4 years ago.  Attitudes change.  Spirits are lifted.

I am about 4 months behind my planning for this year.  I like to have my reservations in place in about November for the next summer.  So, I need some help.

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