Tuning Out All The Voices

There isn’t anything like Big 10 College Basketball late in the season during conference play. It’s some of the best and most competitive action that the sporting world has to offer (yes, even better than the ACC).

With less than a minute to go in a tie game, have you ever wondered what kind of ice runs through the veins of some of these college athletes who have the ability to tune out the screams, taunts, and ridiculous attempts from the crowd to distract them? Then while standing at the free throw line, they knock down both ends of the 1 and 1 — nothing but net.

Tuning out the voices… ahhh… what a gift!

There are very few times in life when the voices of others’ opinions are not whispering (or shouting) in your ear. You will never be short of others’ opinions.

  • If you’ve fallen on hard financial times, the advisers come from all directions telling you what you should be doing and where to apply for jobs.
  • If you’ve recently received a negative medical diagnosis, advice begins to flow in from friends and strangers equipped with 3 episodes of Dr. Oz wisdom.
  • If your child is struggling in school, parents that you wouldn’t trust to feed your pet goldfish are suddenly PhD’s in child behavioral psychology.

While half of these advisers mean well, their advice comes from their life, their experience, their world view, and their set of presuppositions. The other half are more interested in making you average… their average.

Pretty soon, you will become the average of the loudest opinions that you give ear to. The longer you listen, the more faint your own voice and your own opinion will become.

I am not “anti-advice.” But, sooner or later it’s time to tune out all the voices and step up to the line.

Tuning Out The Voices

When you sit and stare at the road ahead and contemplate the advice of others on how you should navigate, and you are left paralyzed with indecision, it’s time to shut down the voices of others and listen to the one voice that is inside you.

God made you. He gave you a mind to think and reason. He put a desire in your heart and inclinations on what brings you the greatest joy and satisfaction. I believe He put a destiny within you that you know full well.

Take action on that.

Again, I know most of these people mean well, but you are responsible for you. Go out and do the greatness that God has put within you.

In the end, will it mean anything if you spent your whole life trying to satisfy the opinions of others and fulfill their desires for your life? Or, will you leave a mark and blaze a trail that your wife and kids can inherit as a legacy to your family?

It’s that big of a deal!

Shut out the voices!

Stop trying to please others and do what is right for you, and ultimately your family.

In the end, I believe by being the best you, you are honoring the God who made you as a unique person, gifted and talented to be you.

Slip on a pair of those noise cancelling headphones and let the Holy Spirit lead you. Most likely, He’s been waiting for you to get quiet before Him and leave the noise behind.


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  1. This doesn’t just apply to a job or financial issue. Mention you have high blood pressure or want to drop some weight – you will hear plenty of advice. Mention that you are having a problem with one of your kids – parenting opinions will come from all directions.

    There isn’t anything wrong with asking for advice and receiving advice. Ultimately you are responsible for your decision. Your voice must be heard above the advisers.

    Need a little inspiration? Go read the book of Job from the Bible and see what kind of “so-called” help his friends gave him.

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