Where’s The Training?

If you think about it, every job, from flipping burgers at McDonalds to performing open heart surgery requires training.  Some more than others… but you must learn and train. 

Take for example you have a job at Lowes.  You first work as an associate in a particular department.  You learn customer service skills, stocking shelves in the right place and with the right safety issues.  Then, one day your boss wants to train you on a fork lift to get some of the heavier items.  More safety training and other issues.  Then you get training on unloading trucks.  Then you get training on certain management skills, then… etc., etc.

If you want to progress in your home business, you must commit to training.  When you stop training, you stop growing.  It’s like the Lowes employee who only wants to drive the fork lift, but never wants to move to management.  Here’s the deal – if you want to have success in your home business, then you must be proactive in pursuing training.  It all goes back to basic principles of thinking and being a business owner, not an employee.

cashflow.jpgFor example, we get many people who buy leads for their MLM business.  They want to either do email marketing or they want to get some phone leads.  It seems obvious that all you need to do is pick up the phone and call, talk, and enroll.  If that’s your attitude, you aren’t going to last long.  Here’s what I recommend you need training for:

  1. Using MLM Leads – find a good trainer.  I highly recommend using Dani Johnson.  She’s the best and I can’t see how you’d go wrong.
  2. Running a Home Business – what about all the tax benefits, setting up a corporation, reporting, etc.  I recommend Home Business Tax Savings
  3. Specific Company Training – get involved in the training programs of your company.
  4. Thinking like an Entrepreneur – Go spend $200 and get Rich Dad’s Cash Flow 101 board game.

Of course there’s other types of training (i.e. Search engine marketing – become a dominant player in the search engines – I recommend Brad Callen’s ebook on SEO, or attending public speaking classes).  But, you need to find out what is going to make you successful, and get off your butt and go do it.

My personal opinion is to lose your pride and misguided attitude that you have it all figured out, and that this type of training is for the simple and weak.  Lead by example and continue to seek out higher and higher levels of training.

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  1. Good article! We learned a long time ago that we must always be learning to continue to improve ourselves and help our team members to reach higher. We appreciate your articles very much and the time it takes to help us all by sharing your knowledge. We send our team members to your site continually.
    Thank you.
    Lynne and Jim Wood

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