The BIG Weight Loss Plan

I’m 51 freaking years old… and going to add one more year to that total in about 6 weeks.

I am currently fat. I am in poor shape. My vital signs are not looking pretty. I am currently on one blood pressure medication.

Today… that changes.  BOOM!

I began exercising almost 3 weeks ago. I joined LA Fitness and signed up for a full year membership.  I feel a teench better.

Main goals

  • Swim 100 lengths at the LA Fitness pool. That will be 2500 meters (about 1.55 miles).
  • Go 45 minutes on the eliptical
  • Just get strong again

But, when you’re in your 40’s and 50’s, exercising is not the key to losing weight. It just isn’t. So, starting today, through June 4th, I am going low carb. Beyond that, I will evaluate.

I need to get moving in the right direction. I am going 50 days of low carb eating because I need to break the addiction to sugars and breads. It will primarily be meats, cheeses, eggs, nuts, veggies, and some berries.

I have BIG goals for my weight loss.

When I returned home from Zaire in 1988, I was looking pretty good.

Each decade since then I have increased my size by about 20-25 pounds.  It’s pretty sick really. That means, in 20 years you’re gonna be seeing me on a Discovery Channel reality show if I don’t turn things around.

My goal – lose 94 frickin’ pounds!!  Yowza!

I have that broken down into 10 segments. I will be charting my progress, blood pressure, and what I’m doing with my food intake as we go here.

My goal – to be the man that Traci saw when I came home from Africa in 1988 – to be the man she married. 

That’s pretty much it right there. There are so many other benefits, but it all spins off from that one main goal.


Let the before and after photos begin! Below is the best quality photo I had. I had just returned from Zaire in August 1988, and a friend took this photo when Traci and I were reunited after 3 months. And, of course the current photo from April 16, 2017.  My goal is to reverse those photos.

1988 vs 2017

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