How I’d Beat The Patriots

Superbowl Sunday – always a big fan.  Haven’t missed a Superbowl since I don’t know when.

I don’t like either team, but I dislike the Patriots more, so I’m cheering for the Giants to win.  Besides, if it isn’t my team in it, I’d rather see someone new win the title instead of the same ole team winning again.

One thing that has suprised me is how easy other teams lay down for New England.  Personally, I don’t think a team this season has approached the Pats in the right way.  They’re too worried about the deep ball and getting behind.  Who cares.

There are 4 quarters.  So, throw the first quarter away and put yourself down 14-0 or 21-7.  Don’t worry about it.  But, rush Brady like he’s never been rushed before.  Blitz almost every down.  Take 5 or 6 personal fouls by hitting him late, helmet to helmet, ripping his legs out, helmet to the kidneys, throw him down to the turf hard and see how he likes 300 pounds of lineman crushing down on him.  I guarantee you that he’ll remember each hit and will be knocked out of his game mentally for the final 3 quarters.  Every other rush after that he’ll be thinking his kidneys are going to explode as the rush closes in on him.

Start the 3rd quarter out with one more personal foul on Brady.  Just cream the guy.  He’s a tough guy, but making him rush passes and having tight ends stay in as extra blockers will reduce the threats the rest of the game.  I’m not saying take Brady out.  This isn’t Karate Kid when Sinsai told him to “sweep the leg.”  But, you take Brady out of “his” game.  Neutralize their strength.  This is football for all the marbles.  If you try and put your strength against their strength… you’re gonna lose.

Final opinion – Patriots may be good, but they aren’t the best ever.  You can’t measure generation against generation.  They’re the best of this decade, but it’s a stupid debate to consider the Pats against other generations.  Besides, seeing the Patriots lose would vintigate Spygate… at least for me.

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  1. Not bad at all. The main thing I got wrong is the Giants didn’t have to do the personal fouls. They got all over Brady and beat up that offensive line of the Patriots.

    Is this the dismantling of the Patriots? Wouldn’t break my heart. Good to see Belichick (leaving the game early) lose.

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