If You Lost It All

We had some pretty nasty storms come through Dallas last night.  Some places got wiped out, leaving many to start all over.

While there are many philosophical and spiritual directions to take this question, I just want to focus on career.  If you lost it all, what would you do in starting over.  However it got taken away from you.  If you had to start at zero or below, what would you do?

success_failure.jpgWould you get into real estate, begin looking for jobs, join a network marketing company, start a lawn care business, or many other things.  What would you do?

Well, first of all, I wouldn’t panic.  It may be a natural reaction, because you still need to eat, buy gas, pay a mortgage.  But if you panic, you lose clarity.  My personal belief is that when you lose it all, or are in a situation where the slate is clean, you need to go to your strengths.  Up to this point, you have achieved enough skill sets to make something happen.  With focus, it shouldn’t be a problem… really.

Some activities generate money quickly… others slowly.  For example, while real estate is great, it takes quite a long time to develop a portfolio to generate full-time monthly cash flow.  You could flip or partner in large buys, for quick cash flow, but that wouldn’t be my strength. 

You could develop a large number of websites generating Adsense and affiliate income.  While that’s good, it does take several months to generate good income from Adsense.

For me, I focus on the day.  If I need $4000 per month, then I break that down into weeks and days.  I need $1000 per week, or $133 per day.  Sometimes that can seem like mountain, but you have to see it.

You see, I can see it.  I believe I have the skill sets, the connections, and the knowledge to reach those kinds of goals.  While it is ultimately the Lord who provides (I’m not that arrogant), once you have built it, been there, and even traveled way beyond, the realize the road is familiar.  It is not unchartered water.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.   ~  Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865)

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