Started My Diet and Exercise Today

After too long, it’s time to start exercising and eating better.

I started my 6-week challenge on the Bowflex.  Just got the Bowflex before Christmas and took a few weeks to try out several different exercises.  But, I started their six week challenge today.

I also went back to the Atkins diet.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  The low carb diet is what works for me.  Had a ham and cheese omlet for breakfast and a grilled chicken caesar salad for lunch.

The main thing that has kept me from success in the past has been my inability to set a schedule, and plan for what I’m doing.  So, rather than just trying to eat whatever, however much, and wherever, I’m setting myself up much like you would if you were doing Medifast or Nutrisystem… you have a so many meals and so many snacks… to control what you’re doing throughout the day.

I’m also cutting out soda for at least the first two weeks.  That’s gonna be the tough part.  I drink too much of it, and I’m not sure the last time I went 2 weeks without a soda… maybe since grade school.

My goal… 100 pounds.

I will keep things updated here on the blog as I go along, so check back and see how things are going.  Much of my motivation comes from the story of Kent Altena.  You can check out his video below.  I’ve some other stuff about him later.


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