In The Presence of the Cup!

stanley-cup-web.jpgI am all about hockey.  I’ve had a blast this past season as a partial season ticket holder to the Dallas Stars.  Last night was the first playoff game I’ve been to, and it just made me realize that there is no other playoff series like Stanley Cup hockey.  Football, baseball, soccer, basketball… none come even close to the intensity, speed, tenacity, skill, determination, and perseverance that it takes to make it round by round to win the Stanley Cup.  None come close.

Last night, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a louder, more rowdy environment.  My oldest daughter and I had a BLAST!  The Stars beat the Ducks 3-1. 

It’s hard to name any one thing that made the whole experience great.  But, I will say this.  What got it started great was walking into the arena, and there was The Stanley Cup on display.  We got in line to get our picture taken.  I don’t have to worry about the superstition about touching or seeing the Cup… since I’m a bit past my hockey prime.

Of any trophy in sports… when you touch the Cup, you are touching such a history of greatness. 

I already have tickets for round 2, round 3, and round 4.

Go Stars!

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