Setting Up GroupMe

We decided to use Group Me to communicate within our small group. Email and group texting was not working very well. Some people were getting messages, others were not, and some could not reply.  Group Me is free and easy to use.

Here are the 6 Steps to setting up GroupMe.

1. From your smart phone, go to the App Store or Google Play and search for GroupMe.

2. The GroupMe icon should look like this. Install.

3. If you do not already have a GroupMe account, create one. I used the Facebook button to create my account and login.

4. You will need to agree to the GroupMe terms of service. I chose NOT to sync with my contacts. That’s up to you.

5. From your smart phone, go to the following website:, or you can click on the link if you received a text from me with the GroupMe signup.

6. Join the group, and say “hello!” If you can, add a photo of yourself, which helps in the chat, and so we can see everyone 🙂