Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Now, this may appear to be a contradiction to what I posted yesterday about joining all these other companies, like Ann Sieg or whomever.  BUT, this is not a contradiction.  It is about learning new skills to help you improve and grow your business.

One of the people I trust in the world of search engine marketing is a guy named Brad Callen.  I’ve used many of his products over the years, such as SEO Elite, Keyword Elite, etc.  Brad is a non-hype, straight shooter who provides 1st class products and information. 

Brad just released an ebook that is the most complete, most up-to-date information about SEO.  It is callled the SEO Mindset.  If you are wanting to learn about anything related to the search engines, then I highly recommend you invest the $47 for this course.  I have been a part of memberships that were $800 per month that provide the same information that Brad is providing for a one time cost of $47.

Here is a short list of what’s in it:

 Chapter 1: The SEO Mindset 
 Chapter 2: Understanding Search Engines
 Chapter 3: Search Engine Ranking Factors
 Chapter 4: Your SEO Master Plan 
 Chapter 5: Setting Goals 
 Chapter 6: Keyword Research 
 Chapter 7: Competitive Analysis 
 Chapter 8: Keywords & Site Content
 Chapter 9: On-Page SEO
 Chapter 10: Site Architecture 
 Chapter 11: Link-Building Basics
 Chapter 12: Site Launch Links 
 Chapter 13: Link Sources 
 Chapter 14: Finking Potential Link Partners 
 Chapter 15: Link Valuation 
 Chapter 16: Link Worthy Content
 Chapter 17: Campaign Tracking 

I can guarantee that 98% of network marketers know nothing about search engine marketing.  That is one main advantage you would have, giving you the opportunity to take your website to the top of the search engines.  This means increased traffic to your site.  And from there, it’s all about numbers.  The more traffice you have, the more optins and sales you have. 

Now, this is not about spending hundreds on pay per click.  This is about getting your site ranked in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  It takes work, but there is none better than Brad to teach you how to do it.  I believe this would be a worthy investment.

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