Kindergarten Graduation

Well, my youngest child just walked across the stage to get his diploma.  My oldest child just graduated from 8th grade, my middle child just finished 6th grade, and my son just graduated from kindergarten. You slowly begin to see the rest of your life.  I’ve always alluded life to a book.  Each book has many chapters, and as my son walked across the stage, I … Read more

Moving Forward in 2007

I like New Year’s Resolutions and Goal Setting.  I remember doing it back in high school and college.  In fact, one year I remember in particular was New Years of my Freshman year in college back in 1984.  I was at a New Years party at the Fellowship House in Springfield, IL. We were told to write down a resolution or goal.  Well, I had … Read more

What I learned from the Nintendo Wii

This December I have been testing two related theories of mine to see if they are true… and I have concluded that my theories are VERY true! People Have Money Perceived Value Is An Important Key To Success This month I drove throughout the Dallas / Ft. Worth area hunting down two top commodities this Christmas season – The Nintendo Wii (which cost $249) and … Read more

18 pounds and counting

It’s not been as bad as I’d thought it would be.  I took about 16 days to go through the induction phase of the Atkins diet.  Atkins has received a lot of crap over the years because they misunderstand things.  The diet itself is actually not that harsh.  But, people believe the induction is the whole diet, when it’s not.  The 2 week induction is … Read more

Living Large, Living Out Loud!

Seth Barnes’ Blog (see the link on the right) today struck another chord with me.  Here is a portion of it: =========== Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Though Thoreau was probably not a Christian, he recognized that life was valuable, and should be treated as such. Thoreau lived by this creed: I wanted to live deliberately. I … Read more

One of My Main Career Goals

All the major gurus are always asking, “What are your goals?”  Well, a guy whose newsletter I read reminded me of my goal this week. Colin wrote in his newsletter that he traveled all summer in his new RV (driving an RV is not my goal).  He basically took the summer off and logged a total of about 30 hours of work… for the entire … Read more

All I Can Do

Art Williams wrote a book, “All You Can Do Is All You Can Do, But All You Can Do Is Enough.” In the fall of my sophomore year in college I was to give a 20-25 minute speech.  I was terrified.  I was procrastinating.  I felt I was incapable.  On that day of class I skipped.  The guilt, the defeat, the dissatisfaction with myself all … Read more

The Slight Edge

Have you read Jeff Olson’s book, The Slight Edge?  If you haven’t, you are missing something HUGE!! I truly believe, before you buy any other book, any other motivational tape, any other seminar, CD, or DVD, you need to buy this book and read it… whether you just read 10 pages per day or you dedicate the next 3 days to devouring this book (my … Read more

Becoming a Boring Person

Great stuff from Seth Barnes’ Blog today: “As people get older and more specialized, their creative, open-ended right brain that ran the show when they were children playing in the sand box, begins to wither and die. The orthopedic surgeon who has developed a certain kind of knee replacement is paid to do it a thousand times over. The carpenter builds variations on the same … Read more

Less Is More

I received a newsletter today from one of the Internet’s top business consultants, Rich Schefren.  Here is a little what he had to say: “Sometimes, you can have too many good developments in your life and business that, even one more piece of good news is not welcome because you simply have too much on your plate already. “Bottom line – too much is simply … Read more

Ideas for a book

One of my long time ambitions is to write.  I write all of the time.  For my M.A. degree I wrote a 165-page thesis.  I have started several books.  On the archives of my computer are several unfinished (and probably never will be finished) books. However, this time is different.  I have been sketching out a book that I would like to publish.  I was … Read more

When do you know it’s time for a change?

One of the toughest things to discern is when it is actually time for a change.  For me, the factors are: Should I persevere through a tough time? Is this opportunity for change merely a distraction? Is this the right time? Is this change exactly what I need at this time in my life? Has God brought this before me now? They aren’t easy questions … Read more