Giant Parade Inflatables and Growing Old

Growing old… so far I’m not a fan. Life is frail as it is, but when the weeks and months become years and decades, life goes from frail to fragile. I imagine as I age I’m like everybody else… reflecting on my childhood, the people that were a part of my life, and things I was able to do. I have great memories of daily … Read more

I’m Losing My Marbles

I turned 50 about 4 months ago. I still have not wrapped my head around the idea that I reached 50 years old. At times I still feel like I’m half that age (at least mentally). However, I am finally getting up the nerve to do something that I should have done long time ago. About 10 years ago when I was turning 40 I … Read more

My George Bailey Moment

I don’t know how many times you have watched “It’s a Wonderful Life,” but I know that it has been numerous times over my young 49 years. It never gets old (at least not for me). We usually try and watch as many different Christmas shows and movies as we can between Thanksgiving and Christmas. A few days before Christmas Eve, we all sat down … Read more

Drill Deeper or Walk Away

I don’t live in the country. I live in the city where you pay a water bill. I would love to live in the country on about 20-40 acres, a nice huge farm pond, and a ranch-style home. One of the aspects of country life is getting your water from a well.  I know how it all works. It’s simple. You drill in a spot … Read more

2014 – No New Year’s Resolutions… yet

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that life has been a bit off my normal routine. Maybe more than a bit. Usually about mid-December I begin focusing on the new year. What are my personal and business goals? What direction do I want to head? What are things I want to accomplish? I also reflect on the previous year and see how I … Read more

Staring at This Blankly

I’m not sure if “blankly” is a real word or even if it is proper grammar, but it is what I have been doing for the last 3 years. That’s kind of a sad testimony when you stop and think about it. Three years slipping by doing things with that blank look on your face. You know what I’m talking about. That passion-less existence That … Read more

Politics, Gay Rights, and Gun Control

Here it is, March 28th, 2013. I heard a song today on the radio called “Worn.” The heart of the song expresses exactly how I’m feeling in three areas. Politics – I wonder if my parents felt this beat down by all of the politics. After all, when I was growing up there was the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, Jimmy Carter, Vietnam, Iran hostages, etc. Were … Read more

Three Do-Overs I Would Like

I’m approaching the ripe old age of 48 in a couple months… and I don’t really like it.  I wouldn’t mind hitting the pause button on my life so I could catch up with things. I’m certainly not complaining. I have a great life. Far better than I deserve, that’s for sure. I’m just saying that I reflect on the past from time to time … Read more

2013 – It’s Time (past time) For Serious Change

Not too long ago (a few years now) I counted up ALL of the jobs I have had since I got married in 1988.  It was quite pitiful. I don’t have that list anymore. I’m sure I burned it.  But, the total number of jobs was significantly higher than the years I had been married. Granted, some of my jobs I did simultaneously because I … Read more

Rich’s 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve made quite a few New Year’s Resolutions over the years. I like to make them. I’m not horrible at keeping them, although I’ve blown quite a few of them along the way. So let me get started here on January 1, 2013. Spiritual Resolutions 1. I’ve always wanted to read a book of the Bible per day, plus 3 Psalms per day, for 65 … Read more

The Mistake That Keeps On Giving

Back in August I wrote about the mistake I made about doing business with a friend (you can read about it here). It is 2 months later, and the mistake continues to waste my time cost me money be a headache be more than frustrating waste my time and money (I already said that) As a quick summary, back in June of this year we … Read more

Joy In The Journey – Part 7 – Fairfield

Click here to read the other Joy In The Journey Parts Traci and I arrived back from Africa in August 1991 and got settled back into life in Lincoln, IL. It was not a time for making decisions about our future.  The next 15 months would be a critical time, with decisions made that shaped what unfolded over the following decade. It shaped me more … Read more