Caged Up Entreprenuer

The Wild vs. The Zoo I’ve seen lions chase down and kill wildebeest in the wild. I have seen them fight off hyenas and jackals to defend their kill. I have seen lions at the zoo. I’ve seen elephant herds thunder across the savannah in the wild. I have seen bull elephants crash into each other as they fight for dominance on the plains of … Read more

Wasted Time

The Eagles have a classic song, Wasted Time. It’s a smooth song with Don Henley singing about the bitterness of what might have been wasted time when faced  with the regret of a lost relationship. (That’s not the best video, but the song and the music are excellent. I’m not sure if the Eagles actually have a YT channel.) The song, Wasted Time, is a … Read more

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

You remember the scene… a few nuns are talking about the problems they are having with Maria. Maria was a free-spirited candidate who was living at the abbey under the supervision of the senior nuns, hoping one day soon to take her vows and become a nun. They break into song (‘cuz that’s what they do in The Sound of Music) and begin singing about … Read more

Tuning Out All The Voices

There isn’t anything like Big 10 College Basketball late in the season during conference play. It’s some of the best and most competitive action that the sporting world has to offer (yes, even better than the ACC). With less than a minute to go in a tie game, have you ever wondered what kind of ice runs through the veins of some of these college … Read more

Why I’ll Never Stop Dreaming

As long as I can remember, people have called me a dreamer. I don’t think it’s always been a complement nor a positive attribute that was thrown my way. I guess they thought that Kenny Rogers was a prophet when he sang: “Don’t fall in love with a dreamer, ’cause he’ll break you every time.” I think people were trying to say that I needed … Read more

Lost and Found

Have you ever been to the lost and found section of your child’s school near the end of the school year? I remember going to my kids’ school (a small private school) and seeing dozens of sweatshirts, nice jackets, backpacks, belts, pants, shoes, books, TI calculators, and tons of other gadgets and items that students had left behind. All-in-all, this was thousands and thousands of … Read more

2017… I’m Finally Ready For Ya!

It took me a solid month to get my goal setting, planning, vision, and dreams set for the year. Now I’m ready.  This blog post is more for my own sake than it is for anyone else. I believe in writing out my goals, sharing them, making them public, and always before me. So, let’s get started… and not in any particular order because they … Read more

Rich’s Bucket List

For me, in my life right now, this may be one of the most important blog posts I have written in a long time. It’s my bucket list. I turned 51 last month, and as I move toward the autumn of my life, I want to create a list of things I want to accomplish before I kick the bucket. This bucket list will require … Read more

I Have What I Deserve… Now To Change That

I was listening to a man speak who was referencing Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet had been speaking to a group of high school students when one of the students asked how they could make money and be successful. He answered the question by having the student look around the room. He then asked the student who he would choose if he could earn 10% of … Read more

One Goal

One goal… hmmm… One goal can mean many things. USA could have used one more goal against Belgium in regulation to move onto the World Cup quarter finals. The St. Louis Rams should have never let the Patriots kick that one field goal in the 2002 Superbowl (still bitter). The Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup in 2000 by “the goal,” thanks to Brett Hull. … Read more

2013 – It’s Time (past time) For Serious Change

Not too long ago (a few years now) I counted up ALL of the jobs I have had since I got married in 1988.  It was quite pitiful. I don’t have that list anymore. I’m sure I burned it.  But, the total number of jobs was significantly higher than the years I had been married. Granted, some of my jobs I did simultaneously because I … Read more

Afraid of Change – Part 2

My last post was about being afraid to make a change in your life… about being imprisoned in a life based upon a series of choices (which you have made) that has you afraid to leave the comfort of your prison and thus, the deterioration of your dreams. I got to thinking more about that last night as I was out walking. I want to … Read more