Who Else Hates Windows Mail?

My old Dell PC died in December.  No complaints, I ran the snot of it for over 4 years.  It lasted about 2 years longer than it should have gone.  It’s like driving 400,000 miles in a Toyota. Anyway, I got a new Dell… smoking fast and loving it.  I actually like Windows Vista and the new Microsoft Office 2007.  It’s taking some getting used … Read more

Practice Being an Entrepreneur

Investment coaches have said that one of the best ways to learn to invest in the stock market is to use fake money, or simulate your trades.  Well, many people dream of starting their own business or working from home.  Now you can practice it with the The Sims 2: Open for Business Expansion Pack It’s been a long time since I played the Sims, … Read more

What I learned from the Nintendo Wii

This December I have been testing two related theories of mine to see if they are true… and I have concluded that my theories are VERY true! People Have Money Perceived Value Is An Important Key To Success This month I drove throughout the Dallas / Ft. Worth area hunting down two top commodities this Christmas season – The Nintendo Wii (which cost $249) and … Read more

Full Time – Work From Home – How Did I Get Here?

Like 95% of most people who were trying to start some type of home business, my goal was to some day work from home full time.  I knew it was how I worked best, and even though I had a full time teaching position at a great university, if it is not where your heart is… Anyway, for my birthday back in 2003, my wife … Read more

Another Reason To Work From Home

I run my office out of my home.  I have thought many times about renting out an office space in a strip mall where I could probably be more productive as a business man, but I’ll give up a little business in order to maintain my home office. Yesterday was another reason why I do it.  My oldest daughter got pretty sick and we had … Read more

Infomercials and Live Seminars

Lately I’ve had the notion to start attending the local live seminars that are held here in the Dallas area.  These are the free seminars that are promoted on TV Infomericals.  Here are a few that have been on TV over the last month that I have seen: Robert Allen Real Estate WizeTrade Red Light – Green Light Stock Trading Teach Me To Trade Some … Read more

Less Is More

I received a newsletter today from one of the Internet’s top business consultants, Rich Schefren.  Here is a little what he had to say: “Sometimes, you can have too many good developments in your life and business that, even one more piece of good news is not welcome because you simply have too much on your plate already. “Bottom line – too much is simply … Read more

When do you know it’s time for a change?

One of the toughest things to discern is when it is actually time for a change.  For me, the factors are: Should I persevere through a tough time? Is this opportunity for change merely a distraction? Is this the right time? Is this change exactly what I need at this time in my life? Has God brought this before me now? They aren’t easy questions … Read more

A company that can stand on its own

One of the things I have been disenchanted by the whole network marketing industry, multi-level marketing, or whatever you want to call it is that 99% of the companies couldn’t exist if they didn’t have some kind of “business opportunity” attached to it. In other words, would most of the travel, nutritional, and technology companies exist if they didn’t have an associate base?  Would the … Read more

Let’s Get Started

Alright, we are under way.  The blog is officially open.  There aren’t going to be any real guidelines about what we talk about here… just a whole lot of this and that.  However, if you want to break down the posts, I suggest you click on the different categories over on the right. As we get rolling here, I will be posting some of the … Read more