Why I ❤ Texas!

There’s lots to love about Texas. All other states… well… they’re just states. I’ve been to most other states. While they may have a couple of nice things, it’s quite evident that their is little state pride and character. People just exist. In Texas, we live! Enjoy a few photos of what it could be like. Texas Sonic Texas Food Pryamid Texas Snow We love … Read more

Life’s Too Short Not To Do Disney

In January 1995, at the age of 29, I found myself at Disney World for the first time.  We only stayed 2 nights at a Disney resort, which means 1 full day at Magic Kingdom, but I realized then, I would have to make a habit of seeing Mickey Mouse. I returned in 1998 for 3 more nights.  I brought my mother, who also had … Read more

My New Toy – Flip Video Mino HD

I just ordered a new toy for myself – The Flip MinoHD.  It is so cool.  I ordered it from Amazon.  I linked that photo on the right to Amazon if you want to click on the phone it will take you to the Amazon page where I purchased mine.  You can watch a demo there and read more about it. The main reason I … Read more

Had To Put Ole Red Down

I’ve been driving a piece of junk for the last several years… a 1997 Hyundai Elantra.  Why?  Because it was paid for and I didn’t want to take on a car payment.  So, I thought I would drive it until it was a few miles short of dying… well that day came, and I knew I had to put my red Hyundai to pasture and … Read more

Nothing Like the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Two posts in a row here about the Dallas Stars and the Stanley Cup playoffs… but I was at game 6 to watch the Stars beat the Ducks last night, eliminating the Ducks and moving on to round 2.  You talk about exciting!  I don’t think I’ve ever been in an arena that was more intense, electric, loud, and fun.  The place was hoppin! When … Read more

In The Presence of the Cup!

I am all about hockey.  I’ve had a blast this past season as a partial season ticket holder to the Dallas Stars.  Last night was the first playoff game I’ve been to, and it just made me realize that there is no other playoff series like Stanley Cup hockey.  Football, baseball, soccer, basketball… none come even close to the intensity, speed, tenacity, skill, determination, and … Read more

Dallas Stars Take 2nd @ The Pinewood Derby

Just had our first ever Pinewood Derby.  We had a blast.  For almost a month, Josh and I have been working his Pinewood Derby car.  We sanded the wood with 400 grit sandpaper, polished the axles with 2000 grit paper, sanded the paint job down with 600 grit paper, and carefully placed weights within the car.  We also made a mess everywhere with adding graphite … Read more

Kind of Creepy

I worked with college age international students from Asia for about 6 years.  Many of them were from Japan and Taiwan.  They would come over to our home and play with our kids quite often… so much so that they began bringing them lots of Hello Kitty gifts… the real stuff from overseas.  Well, Hello Kitty just got a little creepy.  Check out this photo:

Practice Being an Entrepreneur

Investment coaches have said that one of the best ways to learn to invest in the stock market is to use fake money, or simulate your trades.  Well, many people dream of starting their own business or working from home.  Now you can practice it with the The Sims 2: Open for Business Expansion Pack It’s been a long time since I played the Sims, … Read more

Let’s Get Started

Alright, we are under way.  The blog is officially open.  There aren’t going to be any real guidelines about what we talk about here… just a whole lot of this and that.  However, if you want to break down the posts, I suggest you click on the different categories over on the right. As we get rolling here, I will be posting some of the … Read more