Rich’s Bucket List

For me, in my life right now, this may be one of the most important blog posts I have written in a long time. It’s my bucket list. I turned 51 last month, and as I move toward the autumn of my life, I want to create a list of things I want to accomplish before I kick the bucket. This bucket list will require … Read more

Three Things For The Next 8 Months

Whew… it is almost May. I hate being that person who says, “look at the time go by.” That’s the thing, I don’t want to watch time go by. I’ve become too aware of the shortness of days over the last 9 months. So many people have passed that were close to me. I want to savor and relish the days and hours. That got … Read more

What’s Up For 2009??

I have been spending quite a bit of time thinking and planning for the new year… 2009.  There’s lots to consider, and much to be hopeful about.  One thing is for sure.  I never felt better about my decision to be doing what I am doing on the Internet than I do right now. After spending time with different family and friends over Christmas, hearing … Read more

McCain or Obama – Does It Really Matter?

I have mentioned before that in the grand scheme of things, Americans are putting WAY TOO MUCH emphasis on the outcome of this election.  Why? Because in the larger picture, no one president (even with a majority in the house or senate) can control your life… for the good or bad.  I am 100% behind McCain and Palin.  100%.  But, that doesn’t mean I am … Read more

Success Diminishes Opportunities

I don’t know how many of you saw the Warren Buffett interviews this last weekend.  I didn’t watch all of them, but I was able to see enough to impress me with the wisdom this man has.  While I am not all about worshipping the wealthy, there are a few people that are worth your attention when they speak because, generally, their wisdom goes beyond … Read more

Biting Back At Gas Prices – Part 2

This is part 2 of my original post on how to beat the gas prices.  If you missed that post, just go to Fight Gas Prices. Now, I mentioned that most Americans are seeing an immediate hit on their budget of about $400 extra bucks a month.  So, if you bring home $3200 per month, you just lost 12.5% of your income due to the … Read more

Biting Back At Gas Prices

I’m really sick of all the stuff with gas prices.  There’s no reason for it except for the fact that both the oil companies and the OPEC nations can do it to us… because they know we’ll pay.  Also, I’m sick of the comparisons saying “Gas in America is cheap compared to England.”  Who cares.  That’s not even a fair comparison because of the use … Read more

Robert Kiyosaki’s Financial IQ

To continue with the theme from the previous post, you HAVE to get yourself involved in personal development and training.  I picked up a copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Increase Your Financial IQ”  I’ve always like the whole Rich Dad series of books.  I’ve been waiting for the next release, and so far, about half way through the book, I’ve got to say, this is a … Read more

Getting Out Of Debt

About 12 years ago when I came home from Africa, I was up to my eyes in credit card debt.  It wasn’t that I was living high on the hog, it was just simply debt we had accumulated while living, and then some rather large expenses associated with the circumstances of our coming home.  Eight years later, we were completely debt free… that is of … Read more

It’s All Mental

I was listening to an interview yesterday between Frank Kern and Gauher Chaudhry.  These are two guys who have made fortunes, 7-figure fortunes, on the Internet.  One of the comments that was mentioned in passing was “It’s hard to imagine not being able to make money on the Internet.”  They have been doing it so long, that so many of the things they do are … Read more

2008 Projections for Taxes

I’m not a big fan of all the taxes.  I’m sure to pay mine so I don’t end up like Ray Gebauer.  Nothing against Ray.  I like Ray a lot, but I don’t want the IRS breathing down my neck either. One of the things I hate is having to pay my income tax, federal taxes, sales tax, tax on my utilities, phones, gas, etc.  … Read more