Closing A Chapter

Whew… I’m not sure if I can write this or not. Twenty-one years ago I became a dad. Eighteen years ago I became a father of two incredible daughters. Just about thirteen years ago, I became a father of three, and now had a son. One of the things we have “tried” to do with our kids is teach them to be lovers of Jesus … Read more

Taking New Risks

Last night I did something I don’t normally do… well at least not anymore. At 18 I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. At 28 I probably would have done it. At 38 I couldn’t afford to do it. At 48, I have settled in a bit too much and become a bit too comfortable with myself and my surroundings.  I hate that. It … Read more

Stuck In The Middle

Life for a 48 year old American just isn’t easy sometimes. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’ve been busy. Traveling to visit family. Getting my oldest daughter home from an Alaska internship. Getting her back to college. Getting my youngest daughter off to college for the first time. Getting my son into Jr. High. He’s running cross country, so we’ve had those … Read more

Three Do-Overs I Would Like

I’m approaching the ripe old age of 48 in a couple months… and I don’t really like it.  I wouldn’t mind hitting the pause button on my life so I could catch up with things. I’m certainly not complaining. I have a great life. Far better than I deserve, that’s for sure. I’m just saying that I reflect on the past from time to time … Read more

Check Out Josh In A Disney Commerical!

This past summer we were contacted by a representative from Disney’s marketing arm, called Disney Destinations.  They were putting together the new marketing campaign to promote the Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California.  They were scouring the web when they came across one of our Disney videos on our Vimeo Video page. They liked some of the segments and asked permission to … Read more

Flash Flood – Tropical Storm Hermine

I mostly want to share a few pictures of what Tropical Storm Hermine dumped on us in North Texas.  Even after several hundred miles after making land fall, Hermine dumped about 5 inches of rain on Tuesday, and then unloaded another 10 inches on Wednesday. My daughters left for school at 7:30 am, driving our Jeep Liberty. Somewhere after 9:30 my oldest daughter calls to … Read more

Your Girl – Music Video

You need to check out this YouTube video of my daughter.  She wrote and composed this song.  She has others that she has done, but this is the first one we have put to video. Go watch it directly on YouTube by clicking Play, and then clicking the video again to go to the YouTube site.  Once you are there, rate it with 5 stars … Read more

Life’s Too Short Not To Do Disney

In January 1995, at the age of 29, I found myself at Disney World for the first time.  We only stayed 2 nights at a Disney resort, which means 1 full day at Magic Kingdom, but I realized then, I would have to make a habit of seeing Mickey Mouse. I returned in 1998 for 3 more nights.  I brought my mother, who also had … Read more

Spring Baseball With The Blue Rangers

Josh’s team ended up 7-4.  Had a blast going to practice and the games.  Here’s some footage of the last couple of games.  I missed a lot of footage, naturally, but this will give you a taste of the greatness. Joshua Playing Baseball from Rich Niccolls on Vimeo. Blue Rangers Baseball – Spring 2009 from Rich Niccolls on Vimeo. Sorry about the shaky video.  I’m … Read more

What’s Up For 2009??

I have been spending quite a bit of time thinking and planning for the new year… 2009.  There’s lots to consider, and much to be hopeful about.  One thing is for sure.  I never felt better about my decision to be doing what I am doing on the Internet than I do right now. After spending time with different family and friends over Christmas, hearing … Read more

McCain or Obama – Does It Really Matter?

I have mentioned before that in the grand scheme of things, Americans are putting WAY TOO MUCH emphasis on the outcome of this election.  Why? Because in the larger picture, no one president (even with a majority in the house or senate) can control your life… for the good or bad.  I am 100% behind McCain and Palin.  100%.  But, that doesn’t mean I am … Read more

Had To Put Ole Red Down

I’ve been driving a piece of junk for the last several years… a 1997 Hyundai Elantra.  Why?  Because it was paid for and I didn’t want to take on a car payment.  So, I thought I would drive it until it was a few miles short of dying… well that day came, and I knew I had to put my red Hyundai to pasture and … Read more