So That You Can Take Your Stand

I have two links to share with you today. This is a bit of a follow up from my previous post about simply being “worn out.” Sometimes I can’t believe how relentless the world is to continue to beat you down… it comes from every direction, non-stop, to the point that there are no more safe zones where you can relax your guard. Ephesians 6:10-18 … Read more

Politics, Gay Rights, and Gun Control

Here it is, March 28th, 2013. I heard a song today on the radio called “Worn.” The heart of the song expresses exactly how I’m feeling in three areas. Politics – I wonder if my parents felt this beat down by all of the politics. After all, when I was growing up there was the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, Jimmy Carter, Vietnam, Iran hostages, etc. Were … Read more

Genesis to Revelation in 65 Days

Today is March 6th.  65 days ago (which was January 1st), I made one of those crazy New Year’s Resolutions to read through the entire Bible, one book per day. As of about an hour ago… done. Some days were long… reading through Genesis, Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc. Other days were very short… reading through Philemon and Jude.  For the first 50 days, I also read … Read more

The Old Testament in 38 Days

Yesterday (Feb 7) I wrapped up the Old Testament. I read one book of the Bible per day, plus 3 Psalms. Today I began with the New Testament, and will continue to read 3 Psalms until I go through all 150. It’s been a pretty incredible 38 days. From Genesis to Malachi. While I don’t expect anything profound to flow from my finger tips while … Read more

Reading Isaiah – Tough Stuff

I have to admit… I am really, REALLY enjoying reading through the Bible – one full book per day, plus 3 Psalms.  Some days are short, while today and tomorrow will probably be the longest. Isaiah is 66 chapters, about 100 pages in my study Bible. Jeremiah is 94 pages. There are several things I have learned in my reading, and Isaiah seems to have … Read more

10 Days Into 2013

Alright, just thought I would check in and see how I was doing with these resolutions I made back on January 1st. Spiritual Resolutions – so far so good.  Through the first ten days of 2013 I have been reading one book of the Bible per day. Going to read cover to cover. I just finished 2 Samuel today. I’m also reading 3 Psalms per … Read more

Rich’s 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve made quite a few New Year’s Resolutions over the years. I like to make them. I’m not horrible at keeping them, although I’ve blown quite a few of them along the way. So let me get started here on January 1, 2013. Spiritual Resolutions 1. I’ve always wanted to read a book of the Bible per day, plus 3 Psalms per day, for 65 … Read more

Joy In The Journey – Part 7 – Fairfield

Click here to read the other Joy In The Journey Parts Traci and I arrived back from Africa in August 1991 and got settled back into life in Lincoln, IL. It was not a time for making decisions about our future.  The next 15 months would be a critical time, with decisions made that shaped what unfolded over the following decade. It shaped me more … Read more

Politics Is The New Religion In America

As 2012 rolls on and the presidential campaigns continue to build, conventions for delegate nominees begin to make their plans, and one canidate jockeys for position over another, I am amazed at the new religion that is either replacing Christianity, or at the very least is experiencing a synchretism with ones own faith. Synchretism – The amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or … Read more

A Comfortable Bible

Back in high school I participated in competitions called “Bible Bowl.” I’m not even sure if they still do this or not. We studied and memorized a book or several books of the Bible for about 9 months. We met together once a month, in addition to tournaments around the state, and around the country. They were quiz competitions. The top teams will have memorized, word-for-word, flawlessly, … Read more

Looking For Something New and Fresh

I was on Facebook earlier today and read a post from one of my friends, Deyna, who had quoted Napoleon Hill: “Neglecting to broaden their view has kept some men doing one thing all their lives” I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but have you ever felt like your vision is so shallow, narrow, and short? If you know what I mean, it is … Read more

Joy In The Journey – Part 5 – The Ministry Years

The ministry years: 1987 – 1990 Petersburg Church of Christ In my senior year of college I opened a new phase of my life, what my college major was all about, serving and working in a church as a youth pastor. I was hired on at my first church, Petersburg Church of Christ in Petersburg, IL. It was a part-time position that I could drive … Read more