Home Based Business – Starting Over

Back in 1998 I began exploring options about working from home. I was already self-employed, but I began to see potential in other directions and wanted to follow my heart in owning my own business. It took me about 5 years to really get a grasp on things. I had tried network marketing with companies like Mannatech, ProStep, ForMor, and maybe a couple of others. … Read more

Blogging For Bucks

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to blog.  But, just because it’s easy to do, also means that it is easy not to do and easy to overlook the basics. Some people blog and blog, and their sites are never found in the search engines. Some people blog for 3 weeks and quit. Some people blog about everything under the sun … Read more

What Business Is Best To Work From Home?

Here we are, mid way through 2009.  Wow!  I get quite a few emails from people about what some of their best options are for starting a business from home.  There are actually quite a few.  Let me list some of them: 1) Landscaping – For about $1,000 start-up (if you already have a truck), begin making about $100-$200 per day net.  It’s hard work, … Read more

My New Toy – Flip Video Mino HD

I just ordered a new toy for myself – The Flip MinoHD.  It is so cool.  I ordered it from Amazon.  I linked that photo on the right to Amazon if you want to click on the phone it will take you to the Amazon page where I purchased mine.  You can watch a demo there and read more about it. The main reason I … Read more

Biting Back At Gas Prices – Part 2

This is part 2 of my original post on how to beat the gas prices.  If you missed that post, just go to Fight Gas Prices. Now, I mentioned that most Americans are seeing an immediate hit on their budget of about $400 extra bucks a month.  So, if you bring home $3200 per month, you just lost 12.5% of your income due to the … Read more

Choosing a New Direction

For approximately 6-9 months I have been planning a new direction for the next few years of my life.  The primary purpose of this direction is to eventually sell off everything I have online, invest completely in real estate, and retire.  I had always hoped to retire by the age of 45.  I’m 42 now, so I think I’ll miss that by a bit.  I … Read more

Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing???

Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing… is there a difference?  For some people, the difference is HUGE; for some people they think it’s the same thing.  Let me give you my perspective on this.  This is not comprehensive of course, but it will give you a bird’s-eye view of things. Similarities: You earn a commision from selling someone else’s product You market to build your business and … Read more

One Income Stream – Affiliate Marketing

One of the things that I did about 3 years ago was to add another stream of income into my bank account.  My first stream of income was from the leads business I had founded.  The second stream of income was my wife’s income, medical transcription.  So, I worked on adding a 3rd income stream – affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not network marketing.  Can … Read more