Choosing a New Direction

mash-signpost.gifFor approximately 6-9 months I have been planning a new direction for the next few years of my life.  The primary purpose of this direction is to eventually sell off everything I have online, invest completely in real estate, and retire.  I had always hoped to retire by the age of 45.  I’m 42 now, so I think I’ll miss that by a bit.  I figured it is going to take me 3 – 5 years to build up the real estate portfolio I need to retire on, and allow for continued growth to continue purchasing more real estate as I see fit after I retire.

I’m not necessarily choosing a new direction that I am unaware of, rather I am looking at the map of my life and plotting my course.  It’s something that I believe God has put on my heart and created me to be.  There are HUGE goals past my retirement… it’s not really and end of work and the beginning of golf and fishing… at least not fully.

It certainly doesn’t mean abandoning my business now.  In fact, I am continuing to build and grow.  It just means that I am adding to and/or strengthening my financial position.  So, how am I going to do that?

  1. Affiliate marketing – Primarily through building a strong Google Adsense network of sites that will bring in $5-$10,000 per month.  In addition, other affiliate income will be earned as I monetize those Adsense sites.  I’m already earning a nice Adsense check every month, so I just need to continue to add to what I am already doing.
  2. Adding new leads sites – I will continue to expand what I am doing in the leads market by building more company specific sites to expand what I am doing.  This allows me to serve more customers and broaden my income base
  3. Real Estate – My goal is to purchase my first few homes, and then my first apartment by year’s end.  This is not new to me.  I have done some real estate in the past and am a student of this area of investing.

So, why do I say all this?  Because it holds me accountable by putting it in print.  It helps me verbalize what I want to accomplish.  If enough people know I want to retire in my mid-40’s, then I will be held accountable for that.  I also understand that I can’t see too far down the road.  I can live out today, but plan for my future.

I will be sharing with you over the next few months some of my tactics… especially number 2.  Making money from Google Adsense is extremely easy, but it’s also very easy to not do right.  If you’re interested, bookmark this site, subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking on the orange button in the upper-right corner, and tag along for a great ride.

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