We Want A Third Choice

If there has ever been a time for an Independent to make a strong run for president this is the year. I would rather see George W. Bush in office for a 3rd term than to see Obama or McCain win the election.

I was glad to see Hilary out of the race… couldn’t even fathom what would happen with her in office!

I can’t stand the thought of Obama as president. He is worse than a liberal. There are so many unknowns with this guy, and the only thing that we seem to know about him is that he talks about “Change” (Change to what… no one knows… but “change” is the hot button topic) and that he stands for nothing. He says what ever he needs to say to appeal to the crowd at hand. If he is speaking to a group of Democrats, he bashes Bush and McCain. If he is speaking to a religious group, he talks as if he spent 30 years in a monistary. James Dobson has already called him out on this. I have little, if any, respect for Obama. And, how low is Obama for playing the black race card? Check out this video!

“Did I mention he’s black?”

McCain… I like McCain a lot… as a senator. I respect him for being a veteran. As the leader of my country… no thank you. I just don’t believe he is what we need. He stands on his principles (which is more than Obama can say because he stands for nothing), but I can’t see McCain rescuing our country from the economic crisis that it is in, namely the gas problem and housing market. I can’t see much good happening with the war. I can’t see anything happening except putting off making decisions and blaming the democratic Senate for dragging their feet.

Obama – a fraud and an unknown

McCain – nothing new and nothing getting done

So, this brings me to my point – We are now in a place for a strong Independent to rise up and sweep this election away. Who might that be? I don’t know. I know I don’t want the same ole same ole. I am tired of the same old faces stepping up and saying the same old crap, blaming others, but never having a real solution.

Democrats have nothing to offer except Tax and Spend

Republicans have nothing to offer but Borrow and Spend and go in Debt

Social Security and Medicare are a joke that the Democrats like to bring up. The reality is it is worthless and needs to die.

So, who might that Independent be? I don’t know. One of the people I really like, but he won’t run, is Newt Gingrich. I like him a lot. One of the reasons I like him is that isn’t out to please people and he doesn’t have an agenda that is dictated by the lobbyists. But, what I really believe we need is a new person to rise up and take control.

The reality of that happening… in our U.S. Democracy… not a chance.

Anyway, I’m highly pesimistic and hopeless about the next 4 years.

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