A company that can stand on its own

One of the things I have been disenchanted by the whole network marketing industry, multi-level marketing, or whatever you want to call it is that 99% of the companies couldn’t exist if they didn’t have some kind of “business opportunity” attached to it.

In other words, would most of the travel, nutritional, and technology companies exist if they didn’t have an associate base?  Would the company’s product, CEO, leadership, etc. have a purpose and reason to exist without the opportunity?

Now, I am not negating the greatness of the opportunity.  But, the strength and stability of the opportunity is at its best when you have a company that could challenge the market place on its own merit.

I am convinced that there are only 3-5 companies that could truly say yes.  It is not that the other companies don’t have an opportunity, it is just that I don’t see a reason to work with a company that doesn’t have the best of the best.  That is one of the main reasons why I am working with the company I am working with.

2 thoughts on “A company that can stand on its own”

  1. I agree with your post. Although I’m not in MLM, I am frequently presented with “opportunities” by various acquaintances (and even some strangers). After reading through the literature, it’s easy to see that recruitment *is* the business for a majority of these outfits. If you’ve found a good MLM that can actually stand on its own, then you’ve found the proverbial needle in the haystack!

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I realize many people strongly believe in their company, and that is good. I am not knocking other companies, but I was simply looking for something on a different level. In my company, there are many people who are making multiple six figure incomes, residual incomes at that, simply my marketing the membership…. not recruiting anyone.

    But, for those who wish to recruit, they can do that.

    Part of my point here is this – if the FTC, FDA, Attonery Generals, etc. walked in and shut down the whole recruiting aspect of your company, would the company close it’s doors, or would they be able to continue on.

    Anyhow, best wishes,


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