Democracy’s Greatest Strength is It’s Greatest Weakness

I am worn out!  I receive 3-5 political phone calls a day, 3-5 postcards in the mail each day, drive by hundreds of Democrat or Repbulican yard signs and posters each week, and hear way too many ads on the radio or TV.

Nothing is objective any more.  You cannot trust any news station to provide an objective report.  CNN is anti-American, anti-war, anti-Republican, and anti-Christian.  The only thing the Democrats can utter out of their mouth is some slur or bash against some House Republican.  The Republicans are no better, mumbling and responding with empty words and hollow promises.

My biggest gripe – my biggest complaint against our government is the lack of responsibility of ownership to the problems that are going on, the lack of grace to forgive and allow someone to make a mistake and recover, and the complete lack of respect that is due the person who is in an elected office.

While I have not agreed with everything that our presidents have said, done, or voted for… all the way from Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush, there is no excuse for the finger pointing and bashing that is going on.

Here is the bottom line:  Democracy’s Greatest Strength is It’s Greatest Weakness.

The last great presidential election is when Reagan beat Mondale 525 to 13 in the Electoral College, by almost 20 points in the popular vote, and 48 – 2 in states.  Since then, the elections have been too close for any true good to come out of it.

While a vote of 51% – 49% may have meant a victory in recent elections, the bottomline is when elections are this close, We The People lose.  And the last 16+ years have proven that.

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