Politics, Gay Rights, and Gun Control

Here it is, March 28th, 2013. I heard a song today on the radio called “Worn.” The heart of the song expresses exactly how I’m feeling in three areas.

Politics – I wonder if my parents felt this beat down by all of the politics. After all, when I was growing up there was the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, Jimmy Carter, Vietnam, Iran hostages, etc. Were my parents this worn out over the constant bickering, finger pointing, blame games, and opinion polls? I’m not sure they were. There wasn’t CNN, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and everyone else constantly cramming their opinions down our throats as well.

There certainly wasn’t the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, or any other access to news like we have today. It was the 6:00 and 10:00 news, and the local paper. And here I am today… and I’m worn out, beat down, and nauseated.

I find myself neither democrat or republican. I am disgusted with both parties. Neither has the answer or anything close to a solution. The American democracy is corrupt, broken, and sickening. There is not representation anymore. Unless I’m voting someone out, I can’t see why I would ever want to vote someone in.

The garbage they continue to dish out to us, the promises that blow away with the wind… guys I’m worn out.

Gay Rights – Are you kidding me.  This week the Supreme Court is hearing some case about the sanctity of marriage. Gay rights activists are changing their profile pictures to represent their support of “so-called equality.” I am sick and tired of the tail wagging the dog and the pressure that 1-2% of the population are pushing on the 98% majority. I am sick of mislabeling and being called intolerant.

I believe marriage is, and always will be one man, one woman. Period. End of story. There is no other option. Even if the laws of the land change, that does not change the law of God. The nations do not dictate the holiness of God.

Folks, I’m worn out.

Now, don’t interpret my words as being a “hater” of gays. Quite frankly, I wish my church was full of gay men and women who were seeking God. Their lifestyle is a sin, just as much as any person out there who is leading a sinful life, but there is room, love, forgiveness, grace, and Jesus for the person who comes seeking Him with a repentant and contrite heart. I find it almost as disgusting knowing that a gay person who wants to find Jesus will have a hard time feeling welcome in the church. This too wears me out.

Gun Control – For this, I really don’t give a rip one way or the other. I’ve shot a few guns in my life, but I don’t care if they take away assault rifles that can shoot 30 rounds a second. The fact that someone needs to own a gun like that “just in case” is purely asinine.

The only thing the current debate over gun control has done is given politicians one more thing to throw in my face, cram down my throat, and hear a relentless barrage of people spout off their opinion. Facebook is horrible on this.  Personally, I believe there’s too many guns, but, it certainly isn’t up to some lawmaker sitting in a stone building in Washington DC to determine how many guns I can or cannot own.

If you removed all the political, gay rights, and gun control comments on Facebook, I think the news feed would be pretty quiet.

The only thing I managed to do here is give you an idea about my gay rights position. The other two… I have to admit I am 100% neutral. Or, more accurately stated – worn out, beaten down, and sick of hearing about and my opinion, vote, or voice doesn’t make one bit of difference. I’m a realist. I’m apathetic. I’m worn out.

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