Success Diminishes Opportunities

I don’t know how many of you saw the Warren Buffett interviews this last weekend.  I didn’t watch all of them, but I was able to see enough to impress me with the wisdom this man has.  While I am not all about worshipping the wealthy, there are a few people that are worth your attention when they speak because, generally, their wisdom goes beyond just making a buck… it goes into every area of life.

One of the things he responded to was as his company, Berkshire Hathway, grows, investing in small companies just isn’t wise business for him, even if there is tremendous upside.  Due to his business’ focus, he must invest in larger businesses.

I thought about that for a while, and then saw that in my own life.  About 5 – 7 years ago, I would jump at just about anything that had the potential for making an extra $300 – $500 per month.  I would just work 8 of these businesses and try and make a few thousand.  I see many, many people doing that today.  While that is not necessarily bad, there is something that transforms inside of you when you’ve focused on a business, and you have been successful with it.  Here’s what I mean… two examples.

First is one of top associates with PrePaid Legal who lives in Arizona.  I don’t know exactly how long Tony has been with PPL, but one of the things I know, is that he is not easily distracted by small “opportunities.”  While it may look huge in your eyes, Tony is very successful in many different aspects of his life and one of the character traits that is common among all who are successful is they are content (meaning they are not always looking for the next deal), and they are consistent (meaning they are not hot one day, and then cold on the idea the next).  If you are constantly looking, you will not only burn yourself out, but everyone around you.

Second is my own story.  I am surrounded by hundreds of people buying leads for their business.  I am sure many of them, as they have stated to me, think I am crazy for not being involved in their business and just doing leads.  But, it is not that I don’t believe their opportunity isn’t good, it is simply I have found success in what I am doing and when you find that, you find joy in working and doing the small details that all you to succeed.   It is not so much that I think everyone else’s opportunity is small, but the number of things that are in my focus simply diminishes everything else.

I see this in many many people.  You can see it among almost every top income earner in network marketing companies.  You see it among the top internet marketers.  But, unfortunately, I don’t see it among most people.


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