I don’t know… Maybe Obama ain’t so bad

I was at 7-11 yesterday before picking up my daughter from softball practice.  Inside the store there were 5 African-American guys all wearing Obama sweatshirts, buttons, hats, and other stuff.  I thought to myself, “Give me a break.”  He’s just the president. 

I voted for McCain.  I am a STRONG support of President Bush.  I despise and think it is deplorable the way people, the media, and the Democrats have irresponsibily put the blame of the world, 9/11, the devastation from the hurricanes, the war, the economy, etc. on him.  We don’t live in a dictatorship where blame can be put on one person.  I still believe McCain was the better choice.

But, as I was checking out at 7-11 with my Coke, I thought to myself, “Maybe Obama ain’t so bad.”  Look at the way he is unifying things.  If he can bring some sense of unity and a tinge of hope (although it is futile to ever put your hope in a man – there is only hope in Jesus), that’s not such a bad thing.  If he can raise the spirits of people who have been beaten down by CNN and the media about how bad things are, then maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Seven years ago the Democrats were in a panic.  President Bush’s rating was higher than any other president in history, about 82% I believe.  HUGE!  Think back.  You couldn’t buy an American flag anywhere at any store because we were a strong, unified nation.  We were scared, but yet we believed it was time to break the back of the enemy.  We were glued to the news as we cheered on our troops.  Even the media was giddy and subjective as they reported on the progress of the U.S. troops.

But, the Democrats devized a long term plan and slowly but surely they began to break the unity, trust, vision, and hope of the American people.  The media bit the apple, and they were on board.  For the last 3 years, there wasn’t anything that Bush could do that was good.  The photos they chose to depict our president on the news and magazine covers were despicable.  Compare those the photos they choose to use of Obama as he always looks regal and stately.

Nevertheless, the past is the past, but history should teach us a lesson.  So here we are in January 2009, a divided nation that is hurting in so many ways.  There is no blame to be put on President Bush.  None.  Afterall, that is the beauty of our government – that is why there is a house and a senate – and the weight of the burden of our economic crisis should rest on the shoulders of Congress more than it should on the shoulders of one man. 

But, for now, we have Obama.  He is the figure head and face of our nation.  And, for now, even though I believe it to be false hope and a unity that is misguided, it is hope and unity nonetheless.  As long as they can stop looking back and blaming Bush, and begin looking forward with both feet in the present, maybe Obama ain’t that bad.  His views and changes to abortion and pro-life are nauseating and heart breaking, but if there is any good, and there is, it is that he has given hope to much of our nation and lifted their heads. 

Finally, let me give praise to my new neighbor, President Bush (he’s living here in Dallas now).  President Bush chose to absorb the blame, the hate, the criticism rather than fight back, lash out, and call the bluff of empty accusations.  While we were all hoping for it, he kept quiet.  I believe that shows his strength of character and the fact that he lived for 8 years in the White House leading by example and with noble character.  Don’t believe what the media has painted.  Lies are exposed eventually and truth always prevails.

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