Obama Not Honoring D-Day… Please!

Over the last week I have seen numerous people post on Facebook about Obama not honoring the memory of D-Day… as the only president in the last 68 years to snub the memory of the invasion. It looks something like the picture to the right.

First of all, let me clarify something. I am not a fan of Obama. I am not a fan of Romney either. Probably even less so. I am not a fan of politicians in general. I love my country, but I am not a fan of bogus statements and slinging crap around in the name of God and country.

The Truth Of It

The Facebook post from the picture to the right is purposefully very vague and does not clarify where the crime is. It surely cannot mean that every American president in the last 68 years has visited Normandy on an annual basis. We know that is not true. I believe most of our presidents have visited the historic beach and memorial at least once.

It surely cannot mean the D-Day memorial in Virginia. That was only built and dedicated back in 2001. Furthermore, I don’t think any president has gone out the back door of the White House and walked over to the WWII, Vietnam, Korean, and other memorial sites on each of their anniversaries.

I believe this bogus Facebook post is trying to say that every president has at least honored the sacrifice on June 6th, by some speech, remembrance, or something. But… that is false too. It would take 1000 times longer to research that claim, going back to every political speech, supper, and agenda over the last 68 years, than it took the person to create that little graphic on Photoshop.

The truth of it… it’s a stupid and false claim that cannot be substantiated.  Did he not honor D-Day on June 6, 2012? Maybe. But, is he the only president not to do so? I highly, highly doubt it.

The real tragedy is when France fails to honor this day.

Trash, Lies, and Monsoons

This is nothing new. Democrats vs. Republican stuff has been going on for a long time. Half truths and perceived lies have been a part of the game.

Republicans were foaming at the mouth when Clinton and Monica were an item. The amount of rubbish that was heaped on top of Clinton’s head by Republicans was unprecedented. God fearing Republicans were throwing stones from their pious platforms. It’s a good thing Facebook was not around in these days.

Democrats in turn came back and created a monsoon against George W. Bush. It was all about war crimes, an economy down the toilet, and a lack of evidence for weapons of mass destruction. Democrats had a place on the wall to mount his head.

Democrats equally went after Sarah Palin. It didn’t matter what was being said. I don’t recall more lies being spoken about one person than what was being said about Sarah Palin or her family. She never stood a chance.

The reality, in my opinion, Clinton should have kept his stuff away from Monica. However, the sins of the nation far outweighed the sins of the president in the days, weeks, and months to follow. Bush never asked for 9/11. His whole presidency changed at that point. The events of that day, and the months to follow were so catastrophic from an economic standpoint, it will take far more than a few years to recover. It will likely be three presidents later before things turn around. To blame one man for a recession is one of top five asinine statements I will ever hear in my lifetime. If it had been Reagan instead of Bush, he could have done no better. And as far as Sarah Palin goes, if you don’t like her, that’s one thing. But to spread lies and even listen to the gossip and dung being spread around makes you worse than the person who originated it.

Finally, if your friends posts or re-posts something on Facebook, it doesn’t make it true. Check your facts first before you decide to share something.

Mis-Focused Passion

I’m not sure if misfocused is a real word, but it is for me, especially when it comes to politics in America.

The amount of energy and passion that is burned in the name of Conservativeism or Liberalism, or Democrat or Republican battles is so far out of whack, fueled by demi-gods like Limbaugh, Beck, CNN, Fox, etc. is very disconcerting.  I cannot believe the followings these guys have, who march off mimicking the one-sided, usually twisted truths of a distorted reality.

Here is why I call it misfocused.

I find more Christians who are burning with passion for their tea party and quoting the latest Glen Beck dribble, than they could ever become passionate about regarding their faith, God’s global mission, the poor, the enslaved, orphans, widows, the elderly, human trafficking, abortion, etc. etc. etc.

I find more parents who are consumed what the other side is saying and how they can fight the battle for justice (cough-cough), than being concerned about what their kids are watching on TV, who they’re hanging out with on FB, playing a family game together, being “present” in their kids’ lives, and being focused on their responsibilities as a parent. They seem far more concerned with their responsibilities as a dedicated Democrat than their passionate love for their family.

Whether you are a Christian or not, it’s true, and you know it is. America’s political passion is burning and heating up the disdain and hatred for one another, while other, far more important and valuable fires grow cold and merely smolder at best.

This isn’t just about Christian Republicans and non-Christian Democrats. That is about as asinine as to what I said earlier. To equate one’s faith (or non-faith) with one’s political position is a slippery slope and quite frankly, just a declaration of one’s true ignorance.

I have a family member who is about as strong a Republican as I know, but would not step foot inside a church even if it was his own wedding. I have a dear friend who is about as gentle, compassionate, and loving Christian man as anyone I know, yet he will be leading the march toward the Democratic National Convention.

I say all that to clarify that as a nation, in my opinion, we are so misguided, misfocused, misinformed, that we are blind to where we should be focusing our passions instead.

I’m not saying that you should not stand for your convictions. I have my political convictions. I surely won’t be voting for Obama. And I surely won’t be voting for Romney. My convictions won’t allow for either.

What I am saying is that misfocused passion blinds us and we have little or no passionate fire left to burn for what truly matters. Then, at best, we can use what little energy we have left to blame the other party, the sitting president, the former president, the school system, Hollywood, and the Beatles for all that is wrong.

Do I Have An Answer?

Not really. This is my blog and my place to gripe.

It would be easier for me to make you believe 2 + 2 = 5 than it would be to convince you of an opposing political position.

I do believe that people need to learn to check their facts out before re-posting some false propaganda against Obama, Bush, Romney, or whomever. It will take you 3 seconds to like or share a post on Facebook. It will probably take you 3-30 minutes to research the claims made in these posts. So, the truth is going to cost you more. If you’re not willing to pay the price for truth, then maybe just ignore the next political post that comes through on FB. And if you can’t handle that, then maybe being a responsible citizen of the Facebook community is too great for you.

And, for the sake of all that is right… realize that this is not a post on my blog to set the record straight about Obama and his D-Day record. Please!

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