Moving Forward in 2007

I like New Year’s Resolutions and Goal Setting.  I remember doing it back in high school and college.  In fact, one year I remember in particular was New Years of my Freshman year in college back in 1984.  I was at a New Years party at the Fellowship House in Springfield, IL.

We were told to write down a resolution or goal.  Well, I had a ton of goals and I couldn’t hardly narrow it down to just one goal.  I wrote down three goals in red ink and taped it on the inside of brief case so everytime I would open it I would see and read it (Yes… back in the 80’s it was sorta cool at private colleges to carry a briefcase 😮 )

My three goals were:

  1. To draw closer to Christ by memorizing Scripture
  2. To work toward getting to Africa
  3. To live

Well, that Spring semester I memorized the Sermon on the Mount, I made it to Zaire, Africa (a few years later), and I have tried to live my life, rather that just exist.

Back in 1988 I was in the Virunga National Park in eastern Zaire.  We had been hiking for nearly 3 hours when we came across a family of 9 Mountain Gorillas, including a HUGE silverback.  We sat down in the jungle where we were.  Baby and adolescent gorillas would come within inches of us to check us out.  Females and young males would stay back about 15 feet or more.  The huge silverback would stay back about 50 feet watching over his family.

And then he moved.  I don’t know if he was wanting to let us know he was in charge or what, but he walked by me slowly and powerfully.  He got within 6 feet of me as he passed.  I held my breath, bowed my head in submission, and tried not to pee my pants.

About 3 years ago I was at the Dallas zoo.  While I was there I saw a silverback Lowland Gorilla.  He had no family to watch.  He had no mountain to guard.  He just sat there with this glazed look in his eye.

One gorilla was living.  The other gorilla was existing.

My goal this year is to renew those same three goals.

  1. To draw closer to Christ by memorizing Scripture
  2. To work toward getting back to Africa (short term trip)
  3. To live and help my family to live

I must confess I have gotten away from all three.  When you hit the 40-year old mark you sometimes get sucked into a life of just existing, getting by with your faith, and forgetting your dreams.

Further up and Further in!

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