New Year’s Resolutions #1 For 2014

Well, I may be a bit behind, seeing that today is January 23rd, but, better late than never.

I have made New Year’s Resolutions since the early 80’s. I enjoy the time. I do take it seriously, and I use this time to focus on where I want to go as this year moves forward. After all, there are only 342 days left in this year, so let’s get started.

My #1 Resolution – Lose This Frickin’ Weight!!!

2013 saw a couple of great achievements for me in my fitness. I ran a pretty decent half marathon (2 hrs 18 min), and a pretty good 15K Hot Chocolate race at 90 minutes. Through this time, I hit a new low in my weight at 248.

fat-supermanBut, something went wrong as I hit mid-year.

I’m not sure what is was exactly, but after returning from seeing my family in Illinois in early August, my eating habits plummeted. My exercise diminished.  As great as the early part of the year was, the second half was the complete opposite.  By the time the year ended, I was up 25 pounds from my low earlier that year.

I’m very embarrassed to say that, and I hesitate to even publish these numbers. But, I can’t hide from what is so obvious – I’m Frickin’ Fat!

Losing Weight Is Difficult For Me

I do not know all of the physiological, emotional, psychological, and metabolic reasons that makes it difficult for me to lose weight, but it just is.  I hit many plateaus on my way down.

Listen, I’m not some ignoramus that can’t read food labels and does not understand things like metabolism, carbohydrates, fats, organic, proteins, fasting, cleansing, gluten, etc. etc. etc. I’m a fairly well educated guy who understands all these things.

But, I know that the road may be longer for me than most to lose the same amount of weight. If anything, I believe my body has almost built up an immunity, a survival instinct, to my weight loss attempts. The more times I try the more resistant my body seems to losing weight.

My Motivation

In December I buried my mother. She was 75, but her latter years were not what I would call “quality” years. She struggled with diabetes for 33 years, heart disease for much of that, and so many other issues.

I have a gorgeous, sweet wife and 3 great kids that do not need me blind, deaf, getting injections daily, a cabinet full of pills, rushing to the hospital with pain rushing up my left arm, or any other type of issue that is a side effect of being fat.

My motivation – my family. I do not know the number of my days, but I do know that in as much as it is up to me, I can control the quality of my days.

My Plan

It begins on Friday, January 24th. I will go low carb for 2 weeks. My body has always responded well to low carbohydrate diets. I need to regain some discipline in my life and get my weight moving in the right direction, and quick.

One of the reasons I am doing the Atkins for 2 weeks is when I have gained weight, I tend to carry extra fluid weight (yah I know, that’s gross). Much of this is brought on by the carbs. During this 2 weeks I tend to lose much of this water weight and I begin feeling better more quickly.

Plus, it helps because many of my vital numbers begin moving in the right direction as well… which is important.

On February 7th, I will switch to a gluten free diet. This will be easy because Traci is already doing this.  I just need to join her and follow what she’s doing to continue.

I will also be doing things like juicing (we have a Blendtec), cleansing, and fasting. I need to get rid of the crap, gunk, and junk that my body does not need.

At the age of 48, I know that what I eat is the most important part of my weight loss. Exercising without changing my eating is not only stupid, but I won’t lose weight. My plan for what I eat is the most important part.

My Goal

My goal, by New Year’s Eve of this year, to have lost 40 pounds. A big goal, but I’m a big guy, and I literally cannot afford to do anything less. So, 233, here I come!

For some, 233 may still sound like a lot, and you’re right, but there is 2015 to take care of the rest.

In the next day or two, I will post my exercise goals, followed by my spiritual, family, and financial goals.

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