My Ideal Job

I’m sitting at the Gateway Cafe in Southlake, TX, wondering what it would take to walk away from everything…

…I don’t know. Maybe it’s the Earl Grey Latte I’m drinking and the gloomy weather outside, but my mind is restless and it has wandered.

Now, when I say “everything,” let me qualify that to mean my career, my business, my job. Not “every”thing… just everything that is my work.

I’ve owned my own home-based business for the last 10 years. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a real job. But, sometimes (or a lot of times) a discontent rises within me – a dissatisfaction as to whether or not I’m really making an impact.

Life is too short to just exist, waste away the moments, the days, and God help me… waste away the years.


What Would It Take?

That got me thinking… what could come in, sweep me off my feet… and I would walk away from everything, change course in a heartbeat (or less)?

What are my passions? God, family, travel, Disney, sports, East Africa, a nice lawn. Is there a job that does all that?

God – My lack of impact over the last decade is somewhat deplorable. Yes, I have led small groups, taught Sunday School classes, worked with guests and new members, and led college students. But, I believe in the depth of my gut, that I was called… yes called… to more. He is worth so much more than my spare energy.

Family – One of the things I want on my epitaph is that I loved my wife and my kids, they knew I loved them, and they loved me. I want no greater legacy than to know we were a family, that we have incredible memories, and that each of us are living lives that please God. And, I want to have a fun family… a family where all my kids’ friends want to be at our house, because we’re fun and we love all who enter our home.

Travel – I love to travel. I love to see new places. I want to grab Traci and run around Europe for 6 months. I want to take my kids back to East Africa and speak Swahili. I want to stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon. I want to eat fresh lobster in Maine. I want to eat pizza and pasta in Italy. I want to travel through the Outback with my shiela. I want to eat at the Moose Tooth in Anchorage. I haven’t rustled any cattle yet or eaten at Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, TX. I love to travel, and 2 weeks a year is not enough.

Sports – I love playing and watching sports of all kinds. It’s a part of my life and my family’s. There aren’t too many sports I haven’t played, and only a few I haven’t watched. I love competition and winning. I don’t mind losing, but only if I have been beaten.

The Ideal Job

Is there something out there that combines these things… melds them together… traveling, playing sports, making Kingdom impact, giving the best to my family, and even spending quality time with Mickey Mouse?

I’m not sure. It sounds “out there.” You gotta be crazy… that kind of job just doesn’t exist. Maybe it is all crazy, but I just don’t want to be normal. I believe God gave me a restless spirit, and I believe there is something out there.


Even if two or three of those were combined, it would create the opportunities to do the other things. I’m 48 and 5/6 years old. I’m not getting any younger.

Right now…

  • I’m not traveling much (a little, but not $$ enabled to travel as I desire).
  • I’m opening myself up to where God will lead. I seriously am –  to serve Him, go as He leads. I’m doing some, but time for mucho más.
  • I’m doing what I can in sports, but it could be more… playing soccer with kids in Kenya, playing 18 holes with my son, taking my wife to a Italian soccer match, sitting on the glass at a Stanley Cup playoff game (and yes, I have touched the Cup!), crossing the finish line and hearing them tell me, “You Are An Ironman!”

Time to pray… God, I pray for you to open a door. Give me eyes to see this door, and boldness to walk through it.

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