Who Else Hates Windows Mail?

My old Dell PC died in December.  No complaints, I ran the snot of it for over 4 years.  It lasted about 2 years longer than it should have gone.  It’s like driving 400,000 miles in a Toyota.

Anyway, I got a new Dell… smoking fast and loving it.  I actually like Windows Vista and the new Microsoft Office 2007.  It’s taking some getting used to, but I am mostly happy and am condident that other applications will soon catch up to it… such as the Alexa Toolbar.  That’s one thing I miss a lot.

Anyway, I had been getting by the last 4 years with just using Microsoft Outlook Express.  I never saw the need for me to use the full blown Outlook… until now.  Windows Vista no longer uses Outlook Express, it uses some lame program called Windows Mail.  There is so much wrong with this program I’m not sure where to begin.  First of all, auto complete is gone when you enter email addresses.  It completely messes up outgoing emails unless you send them all by plain text.  They stripped off several features and I can’t stand working with Mail.  I don’t want some lame web-based version of Live either like some people recommend.

Anyway, I’m going to plunk down the money for Outlook Express 2007 this week.  I’ll do what it takes to go through the learning curve on this, but it will be nice to be using a professional email client instead of whatever Microsoft thought they were doing when they launched Windows Mail with all new Vista releases.  I guess it’s time for me to step up into a real business email application.

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