Mark McGwire’s Admission

mark_mcgwireToday Mark McGwire admitted to his use of steriods.  We all knew that, and in many ways McGwire already admitted to much of that when he was a player, and were not banned substances at the time anyway.  They may have been hush-hush, but not banned.

Anyway, whether you confess and apologize on the spot, or down the road, it’s always the right time.  I support him in what he is doing.  None of us are perfect or without faults in our past.  Some of us have a past that demands a lot more confession that what Mark McGwire did today.

With that said, I have to take a HUGE exception to Yahoo Sports writer, Tim Brown.  Here is what I wrote to Tim Brown:

This is one of the most arrogant, self-righteous pieces of journalism I have ever read regarding your take on Mark McGwire’s admission, confession, or whatever you wish to call it.

It is also one of the most subjective, opinionated, and slanted pieces as well.

I live in Dallas, so I don’t have any ties to the Oakland A’s or St. Louis Cardinals.  However, whether Mark McGwire confessed today or 10 years ago does not put you in the seat as judge to either grant or withhold forgiveness, or whether his confession was self-serving, genuine, or otherwise.

When someone apologizes, you lose the ability to control them, and I believe that is what you are struggling with.  You can no longer hold this over Mark’s head, point the finger, remember Washington D.C., or hold your self as a superior human compared to the likes of McGwire, Rodriquez, Sosa, or whomever.

Tim, this was a sad article… and in your own words, “You know what would have been nice, though?” If Tim Brown had not wasted our time.

You can find a copy of Tim’s article here, McGwire’s Feckless Admission Is Too Late:

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