Month 1, Day 1

Well, it has begun!

I’m taking on a new challenge.  A 26.2 mile challenge.

I’ve had 3 “To Do” goals before I reached an age when I couldn’t do them any longer:

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Bungee Jump off a tall bridge
  3. Skydive

Today it is the beginning of getting ready for the first goal.. because I can’t do #2 and 3 until I’ve done number 1. 

I’ve been reading up on marathon training, and I’m going to go through several weeks of pre-training before I launch into full training.  At that time, I’ll hook up with a local running club and get myself hooked up with some others who can guide me into the unknown.

Beyond my goal… it is just simply time to get healthy.  I need the challenge.  I need the plan.  I need a goal to shoot for.  I need the marathon!

By the way… I ran 1 mile today 🙂

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