Week 2 – Lost 17 Pounds Now

I have not completed 2 weeks into my low carbohydrate diet.  I’ve lost 17 pounds now, due to a combination of working on my Bowflex every other day, and cutting back the sugars and carbs in my diet.

Two weeks marks the end of the induction phase of the diet, although I am going to carry it for another 5 days so I can begin next Monday moving out of the induction phase and to begin to gradually add more carbs into my diet.

Along with dropping 17 pounds, I am now wearing my old jeans, down one size.  That’s pretty cool.  17 pounds is a lot, but yet it’s not.  The main thing I notice is that I don’t look “swollen” when I look in the mirror, I’m more flexible, it’s easier to get around, and clothes that were tight fitting are now hanging much looser.

It’s been pretty good so far.  Not much temptation so far with any other food.  I did find a website that is very good.  I did their skillet pizza a couple nights ago, and I’m gonna keep on trying new recipies.  I believe that variety is a great way to keep strong in this diet.  If you only have a small section of foods to eat, sooner or later the eggs and cheese is really going to get old.


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