Infomercials and Live Seminars

Lately I’ve had the notion to start attending the local live seminars that are held here in the Dallas area.  These are the free seminars that are promoted on TV Infomericals.  Here are a few that have been on TV over the last month that I have seen:

  1. Robert Allen Real Estate
  2. WizeTrade Red Light – Green Light Stock Trading
  3. Teach Me To Trade
  4. Some other real estate gurus

Part of the beauty of the Internet is that it saved me a few hours of wasted time at these seminars.  While I am sure some people do well, here are a few things that I have found out.

Those 90-minute seminars are usually informative, but will end with a pitch for product that will range in price from $3,000 – $5,000.  In doing some limited research on the Internet, you can find very similar, if not superior, products for a couple hundred dollars at the most.

Most of these seminars are like a bad MLM company – let’s sell to a bunch of people and throw them against the wall to see who sticks.  I like Carleton Sheets, but if his real estate product was everything it says, there would be thousands of his successful real estate disciples throughout each state.

The reality is, these types of live, free seminars do sell a product that works… but with what I have seen, it can’t work for much more than 1-3% of all buyers.  Save yourself a ton of money and do some Internet research before you pull out your credit card on an impulse for these guys.

Stop.  Count to a million.  Then see if you still feel like buying.

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