Becoming a Boring Person

Great stuff from Seth Barnes’ Blog today:

“As people get older and more specialized, their creative, open-ended right brain that ran the show when they were children playing in the sand box, begins to wither and die. The orthopedic surgeon who has developed a certain kind of knee replacement is paid to do it a thousand times over. The carpenter builds variations on the same model house. The stewardess hands out 280 drinks and accompanying bags of peanuts every day. Office workers develop carpel tunnel syndrome.

“We build the rut, live in it, and are defined by it – we are the rut. And our left brain takes over the show. Predictability and structure rule the roost.”

Don’t let your left brain take over and control the show (Left Brained people can be boring people).  Let your right brain free to live again, dream again, and create again the vision for a better life!

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