Had To Put Ole Red Down

I’ve been driving a piece of junk for the last several years… a 1997 Hyundai Elantra.  Why?  Because it was paid for and I didn’t want to take on a car payment.  So, I thought I would drive it until it was a few miles short of dying… well that day came, and I knew I had to put my red Hyundai to pasture and move on to something better. 

But, it wasn’t going to be just my decision.  If it was me, I’d go get a loaded Toyota truck, a nice Land Rover, a 65 Mustang, or even a BMW Z4.  My daughter has her driver’s permit and I needed to get a car that she would be comfortable with driving, that would be safe, and wouldn’t be a such a huge tragedy if something happened.

jeep.jpgSo, I went to Carmax and bought a Jeep Liberty.  I actually went there to buy a Toyota Rav4 (just like the one Clive used to drive us through Tanzania… Jane Goodall’s son’s partner… but that’s another story).  But, the Jeep acually caught my eye, and I liked it better with 30,000 less miles and 2 years newer.

I hate going through the car buying experience.  It is such a whip!  But, I didn’t things differently this time.  I secured my financing BEFORE I went to the dealer.  The worst question in the world is “What kind of payment are you looking for?”  So, I did my own financing and just told the salesman I would write a check for the Jeep.

Carmax also has better pricing with no haggling.  So, that was not a factor.  You don’t play the games between salesman, sales manager, and you.  I hate it.  But, this was much better, very low key.  I test drove it, signed the papers, wrote the check, and drove away.

I’d go back and do it again.  If you’re in the DFW area, check out Carmax by Texas Stadium… as for Malik.  He’s a good guy and doesn’t throw all that salesman lingo at you.

Anyway, old Red it gone… and it’s time for a fishing trip in the new Jeep.

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