2008 Projections for Taxes

I’m not a big fan of all the taxes.  I’m sure to pay mine so I don’t end up like Ray Gebauer.  Nothing against Ray.  I like Ray a lot, but I don’t want the IRS breathing down my neck either.

One of the things I hate is having to pay my income tax, federal taxes, sales tax, tax on my utilities, phones, gas, etc.  It’s amazing when you stop and think about how much money the government is wanting to suck out of you… and then give you a little $600 kick back.  I do believe in our country, but I am amazed at how passive our country has become in overpaying taxes.  I am a huge fan of the fair tax, but I don’t know if the majority of average Americans can stand up for what is best.

Anyway, the one main way I know how to fight back is by only paying the government what they deserve in taxes, and not a penny more.  This is one of the top reasons I work from home, and you should too.  If you are not taking advantage of every penny you get to keep with your home business, then you are making a huge mistake.  But, I will tell you this – it is not all common knowledge, and to try and figure it out on your own is not worth it for these three reasons:

  1. You will miss too much and overpay – $1000’s every year (at least)
  2. You will claim something you shouldn’t – nothing like the IRS finding a suprise during an audit
  3. I don’t have the time to research it all myself – my biggest reason

So, here is what I have done.  I am now 100% sold on using Ron Mueller and the Home Business Tax Savings.  I have studied others, such as Sandy Bodkin, and I like Ron’s material much better.  It is more comprehensive, there are different levels of packages you can tap into, and it all becomes very simple and second nature when you have Ron’s material on your side.  There are:

  • Guides
  • Software
  • Audios
  • Live conferences
  • Personal consultations
  • Record keeping
  • And a ton more

I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but as I begin to prepare for my taxes, I do know one thing – I will be keeping thousands more this year than last year.  I would much rather have this money in my pocket than giving it to Congress to blow.  If you apply the stuff he is teaching, you can easily save 5 Grand in taxes in 2008.  You ought to at least go check on the website and sign up for the Home Business Tax Savings newsletter.  It’s free and there some great tips there as well.

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