Home Based Business – Starting Over

work from homeBack in 1998 I began exploring options about working from home. I was already self-employed, but I began to see potential in other directions and wanted to follow my heart in owning my own business.

It took me about 5 years to really get a grasp on things. I had tried network marketing with companies like Mannatech, ProStep, ForMor, and maybe a couple of others. None of those really ever amounted to anything. I made decent money with ProStep, but it never really sustained itself, and later they went out of business anyway. In 2003, I began selling leads for the home business industry on ebay. That success opened another door.

In 2004 I met a guy named Matt who introduced me to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and that is when it all began clicking.  I began building websites and getting ranked in Yahoo and MSN… as well as Google, but Google was just getting started.  Like many of the big name SEO’s out there, I began to turn my attention to Google and working to get ranked on page 1.  As I was launching my leads business at National-Leads.com, this made all the difference in the world.  I have consistently been on page 1 of Google for several years now for such terms as MLM Leads.

My leads business began to reallly grow, and I have been blessed beyond measure for it’s success.  Not too many people can say they have been working from home full-time for this many years. With the growth of my leads business came a greater and greater demand of my time to take care of customers. It became increasingly difficult to balance my SEO work and running the business.

In 2010 I made a decision that I would have to sell a part of my leads business.  I was getting burnt out on trying to do everything. One of my long time partners in the leads business that I had partnered with on my projects over the years took over the email leads side of my business. It is in much better hands now than when I had it.  He can do far more with the email leads business than I ever could. I am happy for my friend, as well as excited for my customers that will have a much better email lead product than I could have provided.

While I am still left with an income, I definitely took a financial hit to make this happen. But, it was either do it this way or personally crash and burn. Which now brings me to the topic of this post – starting over.

It is time to move on in a new direction. I am still going to be doing my leads business at National Leads.  That is still going strong, and now I am able to focus my energy in that direction and provide better service and focus more attention to SEO to get back to the #1 position on page one of Google.

But, it’s also about diversifying streams of income. I am going to be boosting my Adsense income back to $1500/month by outsourcing my blog post writing on a set of 20 blogs I own. My current Adsense income has dropped to $325/month. It’s time to build that up again. My Clickbank income has dropped to less than $100/month. It’s time to get that back up to $1500/month. I have several other affiliate programs to be involved with, and it’s time to increase those revenue streams.

In 2011 I plan on buying my first real estate properties and adding those revenue streams.  That is my ultimate goal – to replace my current income in the real estate market. It has been my goal for more than a decade now.

Ultimately, I am at a threshold with so many opportunities, and I feel that the best is yet to come.  Keep moving forward!

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