One of My Main Career Goals

All the major gurus are always asking, “What are your goals?”  Well, a guy whose newsletter I read reminded me of my goal this week.

Colin wrote in his newsletter that he traveled all summer in his new RV (driving an RV is not my goal).  He basically took the summer off and logged a total of about 30 hours of work… for the entire summer!!

My career goal is to not have a career 🙂 

I am talking about my real estate investments, and other sources of income to roll in so that I can work about 30 hours per season (in Texas we only have 2 seasons).

I was just presented with a job today to go to work for Calloway Golf.  Sounds exciting, but it is 75% travel and I would be selling myself out to about 60 hours a week when I’m not traveling and seeing my family about 7-10 days a month.

I don’t think so.

I would rather go buy some Calloway golf clubs and travel to some great golf courses as I choose.

My goal is not unreasonable, because I am already on a path that is taking me there.  When you can see it, you can be it.

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