Less Is More

I received a newsletter today from one of the Internet’s top business consultants, Rich Schefren.  Here is a little what he had to say:

“Sometimes, you can have too many good developments in your life and business that, even one more piece of good news is not welcome because you simply have too much on your plate already.

“Bottom line – too much is simply too much no matter what. Often, having
too many great options leaves you frozen instead of giving you momentum,
because just when you start thinking the option you’ve chosen is really the
best choice, the other killer idea on that yellow pad laying on your desk
may be even better, so you reevaluate, and reevaluate and you end up
making absolutely the worst decision of them all… NO DECISION!”

I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but sometimes it may be best to weed out some of the things you are doing, some of the less productive activities and businesses, so that the better, stronger activities and businesses can grow and flourish.

For example, I know the top associates in any direct marketing company are not doing multiple businesses.  They are 100% focused on their business – no distractions.  Maybe we need to take a lesson from Rich Schefren and some of these leaders. 

The man who chases two rabbits will never catch one.

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