Robert Kiyosaki’s Financial IQ

To continue with the theme from the previous post, you HAVE to get yourself involved in personal development and training.  I picked up a copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Increase Your Financial IQ”  I’ve always like the whole Rich Dad series of books.  I’ve been waiting for the next release, and so far, about half way through the book, I’ve got to say, this is a must read.  Go out and spend the $15 or so dollars for this book.   This book is simply about this:

iq.jpgWe all face problems and challenges in our lives and businesses.  Some people avoid the problem or let the problem beat them.  However, working through the problem and solving it increases your knowledge and intelligence.  The wealthy and financially free are simply people who have learned to solve more problems.  It’s not that they are problem free.  They just have figured out and put solutions in place to overcome problems. 

Problems can be anything – taxes, medical bills, pay cuts, not enough pay, gas price increases. kids growing up, etc.  These are pretty much all problems that everyone faces to one degree or another.  There are solutions to those problems.

Kiyosaki goes on to give 5 areas that we need to increase our Financial IQ:

  1. Making More Money
  2. Protecting Your Money
  3. Budgeting Your Money
  4. Leveraging Your Money
  5. Improving Your Financial Information

Anyway, this is another great chance to educate yourself and invest in your personal development.  I imagine for most people, if they spent $500 this year on personal developement (whether books, DVDs, seminars, etc.), it would be $500 more than they have spent the last 10 years on themselves.

Now, it’s not just about money.  It’s just this blog post is about money.

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