What Do You Do If You Don’t Like Any Canidate??

I’ve got to be honest.  This is the weakest group of presidential candidates I think I’ve ever seen. 

Eight years ago I was pretty excited about seeing Bush run for president.  I’d seen how he led Texas as a governor (where I live), and I was really impressed.  I’m certainly not dissatisfied with him as our president.  I don’t think any president could have done any better over the last 8 years.  No one.  I think with any other man as our president, and our country would be in shambles with trying to recover from the backlash of Sept. 11, and everyone is so quick to blame everything that has gone wrong since then on Bush.  There are few things I hate worse than those who blame others, especially the president, for things going wrong in life.

Anyway, I’m off subject.

Where’s the next Ronald Reagan?

Hillary – I can tell you I certainly don’t want this woman for my president. Could be our country’s lowest hour.  She frightens me more than any of them.  I’d rather have Ron Paul than Hillary.

Obama – HUGE LIBERAL – More liberal than Hillary. No thank you.  Never passed a law in his life.  No experience.  It’s like sending an 18-year old freshman pre-med student in to do surgery.

youdecide.jpgI just don’t see anyone I want to vote for.  I don’t like Obama at all (I think I already stated that).  I like McCain, but only as a senator – not a president.  Romney is a joke.  Huckabee I like, and would probably get my vote by default, but I just don’t see him as the next Ronald Reagan, JFK, FDR, etc.

One of my biggest disappointments was when Newt Gingrich chose not to run for president.  He is probably one of the most politically brilliant men in our country.  He could have dominated.

I may be wrong, and I doubt that I am, but I see the next 4 years as one of the weakest for our Executive branch of our government.

If you thought our country was vulnerable and troubled now, just wait until 2012 when the next 4 year term is finished.

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