Full Time – Work From Home – How Did I Get Here?

Like 95% of most people who were trying to start some type of home business, my goal was to some day work from home full time.  I knew it was how I worked best, and even though I had a full time teaching position at a great university, if it is not where your heart is…

Anyway, for my birthday back in 2003, my wife gave me a little book that spurred on a change in my life.  Within 5-6 months I was home full time, and in fact, I was earning more at the end of the first week of the month than I was making for the entire month at the university.

What is that book?  Dare To Desire by John Eldredge

Unfortunately the book is out of print, but you can buy it at BN.com or Amazon.com as a used book for a few bucks.  However, here are a couple of exerpts from the book that made a difference in my life.Dare To Desire

“I think you’ll find that in the heart of every man is the desire for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.”

“In the long run, it doesn’t matter how well we perform or what we accomplish – a life without heart is not worth living.  To lose heart is to lose everything.”

“And a ‘loss of heart’ best describes most men and women in our day.” 

“Most of us live out a script that someone else wrote for us.  Our lives are a collection of others’ expectations.”

There are hundreds more, but you get the idea.

If you’ve got a few bucks, I highly recommend the small book.  116 pages with pictures.

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