Nothing Like the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Two posts in a row here about the Dallas Stars and the Stanley Cup playoffs… but I was at game 6 to watch the Stars beat the Ducks last night, eliminating the Ducks and moving on to round 2.  You talk about exciting!  I don’t think I’ve ever been in an arena that was more intense, electric, loud, and fun.  The place was hoppin!

0420082229.jpgWhen Robida scored in the 3rd period, followed up 52 seconds later by Barnes scoring, I thought the place was coming down.  And then, to win it in front of your home crowd… the place was nuts.

I bought tickets last night for two reasons… and hestitant to buy them for one reason.  You hate to see your team lose.  When they’re all laying it on the line, I didn’t want to see that.  But, I wanted to buy them because if they won… then I’d get to experience what I did experience.  And, the second reason is for one of the greatest moments in all of sports – after each team has just hit each other and competed so fiercly game after game, when it is all done, to get in a line and shake hands, congratulating the other team.  There’s nothing else like it.

I’m still blown away as to why more people aren’t into hockey.  It sure beats basketball and baseball.  I enjoy watching those sports, but when you watch a baseball player tweak his knee and sit out for 4 weeks, you realize how soft they are.  On the other hand, Stephane Robida catches a puck in the nose, breaks his nose, bleeding, banged up face, and he misses a few minutes, and comes back the next game and gets 2 points.

I’m boycotting baseball anyway… so that’s beside the point.

Anyway, got my tickets for round 2 in Dallas.  Stars vs. ??? (don’t know who yet).

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