Check Out Josh In A Disney Commerical!

This past summer we were contacted by a representative from Disney’s marketing arm, called Disney Destinations.  They were putting together the new marketing campaign to promote the Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California.  They were scouring the web when they came across one of our Disney videos on our Vimeo Video page.

They liked some of the segments and asked permission to use some of them.  We released the footage to them, and after several months, we just found out that Joshua made the final cut and is now appearing in one of the TV spots.  It is a 30-second commercial, so be looking for the new Disney commercials when you’re watching TV.  Their new campaign is called “Let The Memories Begin.”  Below is the Disney commercial that they have on YouTube, so check it out:

Josh is near the end, waving at me while we were riding the Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster.  Pretty cool stuff… seeing Josh on national TV!

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