Changing Directions

MaryPoppins1I’m a HUGE Disney fan… always have been, and always will be.

I remember watching the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights back in the 70’s. I’ve seen just about all the major movies. I’m a Disney Vacation Club member. And, in fact, I am going to Disney World for my 25th wedding anniversary (no kids)!

One of my favorite movies is Mary Poppins. When visiting London, I made sure I went to Trafalgar Square, where the pigeons gather, and the old woman is feeding the birds for tuppins.

This year, the Broadway musical, Mary Poppins, came to Dallas, and Traci and I went and saw it. It was my favorite musical, even over Wicked and Lion King.

You remember the story – the winds blow from the east, carrying Mary Poppins in. She brings change, touches lives, sings, dances with penguins, and helps the Banks family. The winds change direction, and Mary departs.

The Last 10 Years

I’m not sure if I can be that dramatic, and I don’t carry an umbrella that can carry me away, but I do know that a change in direction has been building for a very long time, and the wind is blowing in a new direction.

I started my leads business 10 years ago this month. I have been very, very blessed for the success I’ve had over these last 10 years.

Yes, I worked my butt off at times. Yes, I worked many nights way into the wee hours of the morning. I did put in a lot of hard work, but that is because I was passionate and loved what I did.

I have been my own boss. I’ve taken days off when I wanted, not when I was told I could. I wore jeans and t-shirts all the time. I have loved creating things, succeeding, failing, and learning to make adjustments along the way to best serve my customers.

It’s not always been easy. Other times it’s been very easy. I’ve lived a life many would envy – working from home, traveled, spent time with Mickey Mouse, and have had time and financial freedom.

A New Direction

But, the winds of change are blowing, and they are taking me to a new challenge.  I cannot completely reveal what that challenge is for another week, but I am a kid on Christmas Eve, excited and anticipating what is to come.

Change isn’t easy when you’ve been moving in one direction for 10 years. I’ve resisted it at times. I’ve been scared at other times. In my gut, in my heart, I have known this change was right. I’ve just been slow to embrace it.

It’s a risk you know. Stepping away from what is comfortable. Stepping away from something you have created, something that has been your bread-n-butter for 120 months.

In the world of sports, does success happen in the stands or on the field? Who is rewarded and compensated – the fan or the player?

In moving forward, I am embracing this – Nothing great was ever done by a fan in the stands. Greatness happens on the playing field.

My Example

I have a family that is watching me. Are they going to see me shrink back or move forward with boldness and enthusiasm? Are they going to watch me hold back in fear of the unknown, or press forward in a bold new direction?

Abraham left Ur. Moses left Egypt. Paul left for his missionary journeys.

I believe that the direction I am heading is not one of my own choosing, my own investigation, and my own restlessness (after all, entrepreneurs are restless by nature). In other words, I cannot claim credit for something that I believe is something God has led me to. No, I believe I am where I am because of prayer, seeking, and listening. We have prayed for this, and as bold (or preposterous) as it may sound, I believe I am at this new direction in my life as a result of God orchestrating the events and people I have met, to lead me here.

To stay the same and do nothing is to show my wife, kids, and friends that not only am I ignoring this opportunity for greatness, but I am ignoring the voice and hand of God?

Besides… I hate being boring. 🙂 I am moving forward baby, with everything I have!!

Greatness awaits. I cannot expect my family to go where I am not willing to go.

There is too much on the line, and with excitement, great anticipation, and burning desire… I’m embracing this change and am excited about what the future holds!

Bring it on!!


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